Sunday, May 6, 2012

Traveling Hard & Fast

A gps is a wonderful thing for keeping trip data, although, after the trip it is pretty much worthless unless you are going to make the same trip again.

In almost all trips I do with the trailer I will "take my time" only going about 300 miles per day, max.

This time I went 783miles through many many "ConeZones" (hate those things)
If you are going across I-80 this summer beware.... half of it, is under construction.
At each "pitstop" I did check the trailer tires :)

Since I needed to get to work I decided to leave a 5:18am and make a dash from north central Iowa to Frederick Colorado in one ride.

Ended up with a pretty sore butt, and tired, But did arrive at a decent time .

Although the gps says I was stopped for 53.33 minutes I actually pulled into the driveway with 30 minutes of stopped time. I did not turn off the gps until I unhooked the trailer.

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