Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dogs on a Boat

 After waiting for the thunderstorms to clear last Sunday we finally went to a lake near Sterling Co. to try some  fishing.
The fishing on the plains this spring has been pretty dismal this year, the reservoirs are totally full from all of the snow we received last winter, just the opposite from last year.

So, last year fishing .. good   ..... This year .. fishing Bad ..  Go Figure

Libby watching the water under way

Cody, why are we not catching anything?          

 Locally we have been having daily thunderstorms

A unique flow of the clouds

Looks like the making of hail

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flower Break

We have been full timing at our Store for about 6 weeks now.

A field that I walk  to pretty much every morning, about 80 acres, mostly native grass, with an oil and natural gas well on it.

I noticed a couple of pretty colorful wild flowers the other day while Cody & Libby were dong their best impression of finding birds