Monday, January 28, 2013

Weather in Australia

After driving through bitter cold weather a couple of weeks ago (-10 degrees  in Gallop New Mexico)

Here is a constrast to that
Up to 10 ft of Sea Foam, a gal in a travel trailer is waving at us at the end.

Severe weather off Australia's shores has brought phenomenal volumes of sea foam into eastern coastal towns and cities.
 The curious anomaly has brought the throngs outdoors for some Australian January summertime fun.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trip to Los Algodonas

Made my annual trip to Yuma for a trip into Mexico.

In the camp ground that is 700 ft from the US Mexican border, there are some big differences in the type of camping going on .

The dry camping is pretty full, the full hook up camping is quite empty.
The rates are drastically different, full hookups are $350.00 per month plus electricity used, the dry camping is $130.00 per month / or $50.00 per week. For the dry campers, there is water available, a dump station, and showers.

This is an Indian owned campground, the Indians that own this campground are a very lazy lot.
Nothing is maintained well at all so the dry camping is the best way to go if you are set up for it.

Click on Images for larger views
Sleepy Hollow camp

Dry camping in the west side of the dry camp area
While walking Cody, I took some snap shots of some of the long term RV's in the area east of the dry camping area

This one reminds me of the movie Christmas Vacation

The left side looks clean

the right side ?

Someone should buy this one and fix her up,

I don't know if it is just being stored or abandoned.

The car comes and goes

This one has not moved for a looooong time

This converted school bus is in good shape has a diesel engine and purrrs like a kitten

Nicely done

For the Vandwellers, this was our next door neighbor,
Nice guy grew up in the San Louis valley of Colorado


This is in the same camp ground across the road from our camp.

It can be said that this place has many contrasts

A campfire shot with Cody in the background waiting for some Quail to show up

 I met many new friends, also enjoyed the time with friends from the past
This trip was too short, maybe next time I can stay longer

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 2 of trip Snowbird & RTR

The second day was even colder than the first day.
We left Albuquerque around 6am, having a hard time keeping the camper warm.

We traveled down I-25 to I-40 headed for Arizona. while traveling across the high plains of New Mexico the low temps went to -10 degrees.

I kept the camper furnace running, it never shut off, at one time I stopped for fuel and the temp in the camper was 40 degrees.

The temps never got close to freezing until I got to Phoenix, I decided to keep moving to chatch up with some warmer weather.

I arrived in Quartzsite about 5pm. Tired but warmer.
Said hello to some of the folks from last year, then went straight to bed.

The next day I started to set up camp

So, I have put out most of the stuff for a long camp stay

There are quite a few dogs here,  many not on leashes, Cody is not too sure of this guy, I have heard he is quite mean and bites, But, Cody did not have any trouble with him.

The participants of the RTR have daily seminars, with a separate theme to prepare newbees with information on how the mobile lifestyle  can be navigated.

The Tiki Bar has been another hit this year

This a photo of tonight I will try and get a better photo later using the tripod

I will be having guests tomorrow for Pheasant Nuggets
More to Come

Monday, January 14, 2013

1st Travel day 2013 Snow Bird Trip

Cody and I left late this morning, our goal is San Felipe Casino north of Albuquerque NM.

I always seem to stop there, (it;s a 8 hour drive)  they have a free dump station if needed, (not this time) water (free) and free overnight stay (if you do not need grid power) it's $10.00 if you want to hook up (still not bad)

Link to their web site

The temps when we left was 5 deg above zero, through the whole trip it never got above 12 degrees.

As  seen from the picture there were spots of snow pack, we saw 2 accidents (wonder why? when you drive on snow packed lanes at 75mph ).... duh.... The semi trucks scared me the most (guess 40,000- lb trucks don't crash ) RIGHT...

Anyhoo ....  we made it to our spot about 6:30pm.

Cody has not quite figured out what we are doing yet ... So he slept a lot...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snow Rainbo .. Cody the Co-Pilot

Going home from Frederick, on a back road during a localized snowstorm, the interstate was stopped because of crashes, traveling on the back-roads to the house, half way home the clouds started to break up, a rainbow appeared from the snow falling to the west next to the mountains, first one I have ever seen.

You usually see Cody in pictures of him hunting.
 But, In the next couple of days he will be my co-pilot during the migration to Arizona for a brief snow bird stay. With the temps in the single digits the past few days, highs in the 40's & 50's will feel good.
So, we will be off to explore new adventures in the Arizona desert.

Stay tuned: WE will keep you posted

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Emergency .......... Reciner needed fixin'

My favorite chair decided not to work in the reclined position.
This is bad .... how am I going to take my much needed naps if it won't recline, I am getting old....

Well, I finally tipped over the chair, found (when they are new) they staple arm and head covers in a plastic bag under the chair (who knew?) well, it got stuck on the ratchet part of the chair.

I removed the bag, good as new, works

In the center of the picture you can see the ratchet bar..

Well, now I can see that the wood frame is coming apart.
The joints are only stapled together.. go figure again :)

So, I removed the frame from the springs, pulled out the stupid staples, disassembled the wood frame.

Found my Titebond super duper waterproof wood glue.

Grabbed some drywall screws, drilled pilot holes (so the wood wouldn't split), applied glue to all of the joints, screwed it back together, let it set for the day and returned and re-assembled the chair.

This is a LazyBoy recliner, too bad the Amish don't make recliners.
Disaster averted .......... again......whew