Monday, January 14, 2013

1st Travel day 2013 Snow Bird Trip

Cody and I left late this morning, our goal is San Felipe Casino north of Albuquerque NM.

I always seem to stop there, (it;s a 8 hour drive)  they have a free dump station if needed, (not this time) water (free) and free overnight stay (if you do not need grid power) it's $10.00 if you want to hook up (still not bad)

Link to their web site

The temps when we left was 5 deg above zero, through the whole trip it never got above 12 degrees.

As  seen from the picture there were spots of snow pack, we saw 2 accidents (wonder why? when you drive on snow packed lanes at 75mph ).... duh.... The semi trucks scared me the most (guess 40,000- lb trucks don't crash ) RIGHT...

Anyhoo ....  we made it to our spot about 6:30pm.

Cody has not quite figured out what we are doing yet ... So he slept a lot...

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