Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Emergency .......... Reciner needed fixin'

My favorite chair decided not to work in the reclined position.
This is bad .... how am I going to take my much needed naps if it won't recline, I am getting old....

Well, I finally tipped over the chair, found (when they are new) they staple arm and head covers in a plastic bag under the chair (who knew?) well, it got stuck on the ratchet part of the chair.

I removed the bag, good as new, works

In the center of the picture you can see the ratchet bar..

Well, now I can see that the wood frame is coming apart.
The joints are only stapled together.. go figure again :)

So, I removed the frame from the springs, pulled out the stupid staples, disassembled the wood frame.

Found my Titebond super duper waterproof wood glue.

Grabbed some drywall screws, drilled pilot holes (so the wood wouldn't split), applied glue to all of the joints, screwed it back together, let it set for the day and returned and re-assembled the chair.

This is a LazyBoy recliner, too bad the Amish don't make recliners.
Disaster averted .......... again......whew

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