Monday, January 28, 2008

Yuma pictures

The scene at an exit stop north of Raton New Mexico

Valley Quail, the residents are feeding the birds there are quite a few of in the covey, they come out every afternoon for food

Fellow from Main pulled in to stock up on stuff from Mexico,

70,000 lb rig with a garage in the rear, all electric, batteries went dead, had to get a jump from another camper.

Example of artwork on a satellite dish done in Mexico

In Yuma

I am at an Indian reservation (sleepy hollow) just west of Yuma Arizona, in California, about 800 feet from the Mexican Border.

Arrived last Tuesday afternoon and Jim had a spot reserved for us (me and the camper).

I have visited with a wide variety of folks here, many Canadians.

The next post will have pictures that I took during the last few days.

Monday, January 21, 2008

trip to Yuma

Left this morning to travel to Yuma Az, for a couple of reasons.

#1. it's freezing in Colorado this morning it was 7 degrees above zero tonight it is predicted to get
-4 degrees below Brrrrr, since moving from Iowa my blood has thinned a bit.

#2. during the holiday season (Jim) our daughter in law's grandfather extended an invitation to join him and his wife in Yuma (snowbirds).

#3 since I went to Quartsite Az. last year and had a-lot of fun in the desert, I decided to do it again.

tonight I am in Deming New Mexico on Interstate #10, I have traveled approx. 800 miles today, I left Colorado at 10am this morning and stopped for the night at 10:30pm, in a wal-mart parking lot. (free) I still have about 450 miles to go so I will post tomorrow with the results of the trip

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January pheasant hunt in 08

Libby and I left on the 1st of Jan. and headed out to our favorite hunting spots in Nebraska.

Met up with friend Gary on Wed. and hunted, we saw 3 - 4 groups with 20 - 30 birds.

Thursday was a little more difficult only saw 2 birds.

Fri and Sat were better.

Libby looking for birds with her eyes closed

Antique irrigation pivot on our way to a spot

Old homestead

Abandoned Church

Pheasant tracks

tracks coming out of CRP corner

New to us in this area Bald eagle

the guys BS'ing after hunt