Thursday, February 28, 2008

Going to Pheasants forever banquet

I will be taking pictures and additional information and this worthwhile event taking place in Imperial Nebraska

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Changed the look of the blog

I hope it is easy on the eyes to others, let me know what you think


Monday, February 11, 2008

Last Hunting adventure of the season

Traveled to south of Memphis Texas for a hog hunt

Information I got was we were to have clean cabin accomidations this is it.... The fridge worked .... They must have stored gasoline for the vehicle in the trailer... Very strong smell all weekend...Not sure what year of manufacture it was But, It is a holiday rambler..

Transportation provided, skybox seats included, it is a wild ride especially at 5:30am in the dark and about 40 deg.


This picture shows a game feeder, they are solar powered and have timers to spread corn arount to entice the game.. The blinds are set anywhere from 60 to 130 yard away for clear shots of the pigs


If you zoom (click on the picture) in on this picture you can see an white-tail deer buck enjoying the corn that has been deposited on the ground, eariler there were 5 doe white-tail deer enoying the corn also. During the stay at this blind only wildlife I saw was deer and doves .. lots of doves..


This shows a windmill and abandond place the named Hermit Bob's after a fella that lived here in the past. This place is just right of the feeder in the picture above


The video below was taken approx. at 8 am on Feb. 10th. it was a very calm and warm morning if you turn up the sound you can hear the birds singing, the video is almost 1 minute long


Camp dog named "Red",

They thought we would track hogs ..

did'nt work out, nice dog though


Large firepit, notice the easy chairs for serious campfire watching !

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yuma Az

Did a little exploring while camped in Yuma/California

Traveling north out of Yuma Past Ogilby is a ghost gold mining town of Tumco.

View of the road leading into the town, to explore the town ruins walking is required. No vehicle traffic allowed

The only remaining signs of the gold processing are the large steel tanks used in the "heap Leaching Process" of extracting the gold from the ore using arsenic to remove the gold.

Sign showing the past..


After visiting the gold mine site I decided to check out the Salton Sea since I had never been there before.

I traveled on Interstate 8 west to California hwy 111 and went north through the imperial valley where farming is big business.

Ca hwy 111 going north to the beaches on the sea

Dry camping right on the sea..

Salton Sea is below sea level

View from the beach