Monday, September 24, 2012

Last trip for mountain lake fishing

The fishing was so good last time we went to Stagecoach near Steamboat Springs we decided to return last weekend to do a little more fishing.

Even though we only fished Friday evening and Saturday we caught a fair amount of Northern Pike and a few Rainbow Trout.

According to lame media there are up to 36 wildfires burning in Idaho and Montana, causing heavy smoke in the Rocky Mountains

Compare those pictures to the one I took last week

This is the brag picture of the smallest fish I have ever seen caught on a fishing lure

Fathead minnow

pretty impressive  " huh"   :)

Stay tuned the next outing is going to be  

Oh, the name of our team is Legally Smokin"  come look us up :)

9th Smokin' on the Beaver

Saturday September 29, 2012
K of C Hall Atwood, KS
** BBQ Contest **

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to Stagecoach Lake

We left Friday around 11am, Rusty, Mark and I, destine for Stagecoach Resivour, near Steamboat Springs for a little fishing, both of us were pulling triples, (truck + camper + boat) for a weekend .

A few fish were caught on Friday night,
Saturday night we were hot, I think 5 nice size northern, and couple nice rainbo trout.

The sunset on Saturday night was awesome,

I think in am a sucker for sunset pictures.

The fall colors are getting a good start.
A very colorful weekend

after everyone left to go home..
I took the Sea Nymph out on
 Sunday evening, tried some solo fishing.

This is the carch from 5pm to 7pm that evening

The cutting board is 20 inches long, so the Northerns were 24 inches long and the Rainbow was 16 inches

A weak cold front was coming through on Monday morning, so the Sea Nymph was packed up, returned to the big city matrix on Monday..

Monday, September 17, 2012

Solar Aeration System Checkup

Now for a shameless commercial.............

After leaving the Goats, a trip to Southwest Colorado

Last winter on the way to the snowbird trip to Arizona, we  stalled a solar aeration system for a   pond near the New Mexico Border.

This past week I checked on the unit and found it in excellent shape, working as hoped.

The customer, uses the aeration system to keep alive trophy trout in his private lake, preventing winter kills and low oxygen levels during the summer months..

For the techies out there, the solar panels provide a maximum 270 watts, 2 deep cycle group 29, 12 volt batteries, a 15 amp charge controller, 12 volt timer, our Pondmaster AP100 linear aeration system.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Days in the mountains

First off, a little fishing at De Weese Reservoir

Everyone caught fish 

It was a great day

Then it is time for the GOATS

The goat wadi would not be complete without Fred

Believe it or not his beard is only one year old, last year he  was clean shaven.. 

Pretty impressive

Tim, Fred, & Rocky discussing Rocky's adventures of the last year of travels. :)

A big hit this year was the cast metal chimnea I picked up from craig's list

The Tiki Bar in full dress..

Also Rocky, with a couple of new additions to his family..

A good time was had by all ...

During the Goats gathering, we have a fishing contest at a private lake  

Walmart in Salida.....

This fellow was not happy about being left in the truck while is buddy went shopping 

Many Walmarts in the country,  will not allow RVers park overnight due to pressure from those who like to control other folks lives according to their standards.

Well ....... in Salida, they not only allow you stay overnight, they also will let you sell you RV too :)

My kind of place  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Broncos vs the Steelers .... Sunday Night

After almost everyone had left the goat event.

The Television was set up for a little sports bar action with the remaining Old West herd, they still had their CHEF on staff .. pretty cool and very good food, in the middle of a meadow on top of a mountain.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's September !!

The beginning...  of the best part of the year, if you like adventure , fishing, hunting, BBQ contests, and Rocky Mountain Goats

Like to share a video  Enjoy....