Monday, September 24, 2012

Last trip for mountain lake fishing

The fishing was so good last time we went to Stagecoach near Steamboat Springs we decided to return last weekend to do a little more fishing.

Even though we only fished Friday evening and Saturday we caught a fair amount of Northern Pike and a few Rainbow Trout.

According to lame media there are up to 36 wildfires burning in Idaho and Montana, causing heavy smoke in the Rocky Mountains

Compare those pictures to the one I took last week

This is the brag picture of the smallest fish I have ever seen caught on a fishing lure

Fathead minnow

pretty impressive  " huh"   :)

Stay tuned the next outing is going to be  

Oh, the name of our team is Legally Smokin"  come look us up :)

9th Smokin' on the Beaver

Saturday September 29, 2012
K of C Hall Atwood, KS
** BBQ Contest **

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