Friday, August 24, 2012

Fishing in the Mountains

At the beginning of the week, my brother and I took a little trip south of  Eagle Colorado to Sylvan Lake.

The lake is about only 40 acres But set in a beautiful part of the Rockies,

This is the type of boating and fishing I have been striving to get the Sea Nymph ready for.

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Although the say the have a boat ramp it is nothing more than a shallow beach.

The water is crystal clear, there was little wind, great weather for fishing

Some landscape pictures
Early morning a little steam rising form the water

The resident wildlife... ducks, blue heron, eagles, hawks.

To expand our places to check out for more fishing we traveled to Harvey Gap Reservoir

 The Reservoir is about 160 acres when full, due to the drought, the water level has been drawn by about 30 ft so far, there is still about 30 ft of water left in the lake, it has large Northern Pike, Perch, Trout, and catfish, no Walleye..
We caught a small Northern,  the bigger Northern Pike snapped the lines with no effort ... we will be better prepared next time.

This lake has very little weed vegetation which make it easier to fish we will be back,
 Harvey Gap is also a state park..

information on how the solar systems worked
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Northern Colorado Fishing

 I am thinking I need to change the title of the blog a little to include fishing......

While the Sea Nymph is dry docked for a little while,  to do some trailer modifications that  we found needed during our last outing.

A quick trip (left Friday night & fished Saturday) to North Sterling reservoir for a little "from the bank" fishing

After catching a few fish too small to keep ........

 I finally caught a little striper ...worth taking a picture of

he came in about 3 lbs we think.

 Some of you may ask ..... what did you catch this thing on?

Well, this past week we learned the art of catching crawdads, it seems that the irrigation ditches in Colorado are loaded with them.

So, we took about 100 of them and tried them out, they work :)  Setting up an old cooler with a small aerator, small inverter, and deep cycle battery, we were able to keep the little buggers alive for 3 days straight... 

So, until the Sea Nymph is ready to go, ( a week form tomorrow) this will have to do :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fishin' at a top secret fishing hole

Last weekend I made a rare summer trip to southwest Husker land for a little fishing on the plains

Did a little fishing on a local lake (Enders ) only caught one northern, got rained on, and endured 104 degree heat,  (maybe that is why it a rare summer trip :))

 Sunday afternoon it was decided that our host (Jeff) Gary and I would try out a small fishin' hole..

As you can tell it is not very big

 There is no boat ramp at this little place, But, we were able to hand launch the Sea Nymph into the pond..

Jeff brought his six wheeler and did some fishing, the water is about 20 ft deep, the six wheeler floats pretty good

We trolled around with the electric trolling motor, for a couple hours, caught 2 nice crappies a nice small mouth bass, much better than the big lake.. and no speed boats..

At about dark thirty, we decided it was time to call it a day, plus thunderstorms were bearing down on us.

We did get a little wet loading up, After leaving the area, on the way back to the trailer the sky opened up and the area received about 1 inch of rain in an hour

Did I mention I really like fishing with this little boat??
 Even working around the high temps it was a very enjoyable trip..