Friday, August 24, 2012

Fishing in the Mountains

At the beginning of the week, my brother and I took a little trip south of  Eagle Colorado to Sylvan Lake.

The lake is about only 40 acres But set in a beautiful part of the Rockies,

This is the type of boating and fishing I have been striving to get the Sea Nymph ready for.

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Although the say the have a boat ramp it is nothing more than a shallow beach.

The water is crystal clear, there was little wind, great weather for fishing

Some landscape pictures
Early morning a little steam rising form the water

The resident wildlife... ducks, blue heron, eagles, hawks.

To expand our places to check out for more fishing we traveled to Harvey Gap Reservoir

 The Reservoir is about 160 acres when full, due to the drought, the water level has been drawn by about 30 ft so far, there is still about 30 ft of water left in the lake, it has large Northern Pike, Perch, Trout, and catfish, no Walleye..
We caught a small Northern,  the bigger Northern Pike snapped the lines with no effort ... we will be better prepared next time.

This lake has very little weed vegetation which make it easier to fish we will be back,
 Harvey Gap is also a state park..

information on how the solar systems worked
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Sylvan Lake campsites are dry camping ( no power, water or sewer) which made it great for trying out the solar charging of the trolling motor batteries, I charged the batteries with the solar panel that is installed on the suburban, with great success. by switching batteries daily, I did not not run low on power. the total miles traveled with electrical power was 45 miles.

I was also able to cut six large aspen and pine logs for firewood using only the electric chainsaw, using the house battery in the suburban,  recharged with the solar panel.

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