Sunday, August 12, 2012

Northern Colorado Fishing

 I am thinking I need to change the title of the blog a little to include fishing......

While the Sea Nymph is dry docked for a little while,  to do some trailer modifications that  we found needed during our last outing.

A quick trip (left Friday night & fished Saturday) to North Sterling reservoir for a little "from the bank" fishing

After catching a few fish too small to keep ........

 I finally caught a little striper ...worth taking a picture of

he came in about 3 lbs we think.

 Some of you may ask ..... what did you catch this thing on?

Well, this past week we learned the art of catching crawdads, it seems that the irrigation ditches in Colorado are loaded with them.

So, we took about 100 of them and tried them out, they work :)  Setting up an old cooler with a small aerator, small inverter, and deep cycle battery, we were able to keep the little buggers alive for 3 days straight... 

So, until the Sea Nymph is ready to go, ( a week form tomorrow) this will have to do :)

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