Wednesday, May 29, 2013

After Memorial Day Rv'ing and Fishing

Our store was open for the Saturday and Sunday of the holiday weekend,
But, on Monday (the first summer holiday we have ever been closed for 19 years) I took advantage
 I broke out the Sea Nymph for the first time for 2013,

At Union Reservoir, within 10 miles of the store, managed by the City of Longmont.
They do have camping, it is first come first serve, only open for camping on weekends, fishing anytime, they do charge a day charge of $8.00 per vehicle, so it cost $16.00 to go fishing.
It is a wakeless lake so the electric trolling motor worked perfectly.
Caught 2 walleye, 1 striper.

So, after noon on Monday we decided to camp at one of Colorado's  newest state parks.
We really enjoyed our stay there, it is only 3 miles form the store.

The front yard

The back yard

Friday, May 17, 2013

Very Dangerous Radium-226 found .. Grand Valley in Western Colorado

Colorado News

For those who travel and live in the Grand Valley,

HAZMAT in USA on Friday, 17 May, 2013 at 04:58 (04:58 AM) UTC.
Public health officials are trying to determine who threw away a small source of radioactive material somewhere in the Grand Valley in western Colorado.
They are worried people who came in contact with a small piece of Radium-226 may have been exposed to dangerously high doses of radiation. The material was found when the radiation tripped an alarm as a city trash truck entered the Mesa County Solid Facility on April 24. Radium-226 emits twice as much radiation in one hour as the safe exposure limit set for it in an entire year. If a person was exposed to the Radium-226 source for 15 hours in one year it could pose a chronic health risk, according to health officials. Steve Tarlton, manager of radiation programs for the state Health Department, said Thursday radium has been collected and studied for more than a century, and many people who collected it may not be aware it could be dangerous. He said the primary danger is from exposure to people who came in contact with it, and there is little danger of it spreading.

"These are very dangerous radiation levels, but the main concern is not for the general public. It is for the individual who was in possession of the material before it was discovered by the city. We want to talk to whoever disposed of this material so we can learn more about the person's potential exposure and others who might have been exposed. We also want to confirm whether or not other hazardous materials remain in that person's home or office," said Dr. Christopher Urbina, executive director and chief medical officer of the Colorado Health Department. Tarlton said many landfills have set up detectors at their gates to detect radioactive materials, but it's up to local governments to decide what levels of radiation they will accept. Environmental groups did not return phone calls Thursday seeking comment.
The small metal piece that was found is about the size of a small piece of candy. The radium was found in a piece of folded tape that may have been inside a PVC pipe labeled "Source." The pipe was about three inches in diameter and a foot to a foot and a half long.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bald Eagles crash land at Minnesota airport

Fighting eagles crash land on Minnesota airport runway

© AP
Provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are two bald eagles after they crash landed on a runway at Duluth, Minn., International Airport. Minnesota DNR officer Randy Hanzal said the eagles, locked together by their talons in a midair territorial dispute, couldn't separate but survived the fall.
Two bald eagles locked together by their talons in a midair battle survived a crash landing onto a runway at a northeastern Minnesota airport.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Randy Hanzal says the adult eagles couldn't separate Sunday before slamming into the tarmac at the Duluth International Airport. Hanzal tried to take the birds to a Duluth wildlife rehabilitation center. He covered them with blankets and jackets on the back of his pickup and held them down with webbing straps. En route, Hanzal says, he heard a ruckus and saw one bird jump out and fly away.

The Duluth News Tribune says the other eagle made it to the rehab center and is now being cared for by the University of Minnesota in St. Paul's Raptor Center.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This is the America I grew up in .... and remember

old school, multi-generational machine shop
Reminds me of  Thomas Machine Shop .. Mason City Iowa

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Updated Weather Page

For those that sometimes use our weather page when traveling, or just checking out stuff.

I have updated it with some new links, If you would like to have some weather related additions to the page let me know

Link to the page is

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bear Attacks Village ... in India ... Killing 8 People

So, in my quest to bring you the news that the OTHER folks will not report

Here is One

Wild Bear Attacks Village in India Killing 8 Persons

Watch out for those drunk bears

Eight people were killed and five more were injured within 24 hours in the Kotpad area of Koraput district due to wild bear attack. Forest officials said a team from the Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar was called in to capture the errant bear by using tranquilizers. 

The villagers had been upset with the killings by the bear. (ya think? ... 

 Before it was captured, they blocked roads at several places in Kotpad. 

Eyewitnesses said the animal was first hit by a jeep.

Then it was beaten to death by the angry villagers.

 Forest officials said the bear might have strayed out of the jungle lured by the smell of cashew apples and mahua flower. 

Consumption of mahua might have intoxicated the bear following which it could have turned violent.

I love how this story is written

Friday, May 3, 2013

BREAKING News:.. US Tanker shot down in Russia

Although RT news is the propaganda wing of Russia, AS the mainstrean is the propaganda wind of the US.

It is interesting to read other points of view... Seems this is real .. Also interesting is, maybe a  possible link to Islamic terror  in Boston ?

BREAKING: US KC175 Tanker shot down in Russia

Chechnya/Kazakhstan/Kurgystan all have been fighting Russian forces for a long time, in their desire to take over terrotories and impose islamic states

A youth movement in Kyrgyzstan has accused the US of using a military air base in Kyrgyz territory to stock chemical and biological weapons, and also possibly for illegal drug and human trafficking.

A US military cargo plane carrying fuel has crashed at the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border shortly after taking off from American air force base at Manas. The search operation for the aircraft and crewmembers is underway.

The KC-135 refueling tanker lost contact with the US Transit Center, deployed at Manas International Airport outside Bishkek at 2:30pm local time (08:30 GMT) between Chorgolu and Cholok-Aryk – two villages in the Chuysky region of Kyrgyzstan.

The airplane reportedly caught fire as it hit the ground. According to the Emergency Situations Ministry it had broken into three pieces when it crashed into an uninhabited area.
The Pentagon and US Central Command confirmed the information about the plane crash.