Friday, May 3, 2013

BREAKING News:.. US Tanker shot down in Russia

Although RT news is the propaganda wing of Russia, AS the mainstrean is the propaganda wind of the US.

It is interesting to read other points of view... Seems this is real .. Also interesting is, maybe a  possible link to Islamic terror  in Boston ?

BREAKING: US KC175 Tanker shot down in Russia

Chechnya/Kazakhstan/Kurgystan all have been fighting Russian forces for a long time, in their desire to take over terrotories and impose islamic states

A youth movement in Kyrgyzstan has accused the US of using a military air base in Kyrgyz territory to stock chemical and biological weapons, and also possibly for illegal drug and human trafficking.

A US military cargo plane carrying fuel has crashed at the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border shortly after taking off from American air force base at Manas. The search operation for the aircraft and crewmembers is underway.

The KC-135 refueling tanker lost contact with the US Transit Center, deployed at Manas International Airport outside Bishkek at 2:30pm local time (08:30 GMT) between Chorgolu and Cholok-Aryk – two villages in the Chuysky region of Kyrgyzstan.

The airplane reportedly caught fire as it hit the ground. According to the Emergency Situations Ministry it had broken into three pieces when it crashed into an uninhabited area.
The Pentagon and US Central Command confirmed the information about the plane crash.

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