Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rocky Goat

Chris and I belong to a group called the International Order of the Rocky Mountain Goats.

During the last outing we have the honor of taking our stuffed furry friend (Rocky) on adventures during parts of the year that we are traveling. Along with other members of our group. The Longs Peak Herd.

Rocky will be our ambassador for the goats this year, and if he behaves himself he will become a member of our group at the next Wadi in 2012.

Meet RockyGoat

Rocky's email ...

Rocky's Facebook Page

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some pictures and folks from Smokin' on the Beaver

Mascot Beaver

Looking back at the area where most of the participants will be smoking

I arrived on Thursday a day early, to get a good spot

The beginning of our set up on Friday morning, the bar is coming together

Total set up done Friday afternoon

Let the cooking begin

These guys from Nebraska cooked with wood only

Some folks cooking below, click on pictures to enlarge them

The toys and peddle cars were back

Gal from the local newspaper, she was taking pictures of us.
So. I took a picture of her

Saturday night there was a Husker game, we moved the bar and had sports bar night

Friday, September 23, 2011

Set up at smokin' at the Beaver

Early stages of set up, what I unloaded last night

Got a late start to leave for the Smoker, as I had to take Cody to the Vet and have a lump checked out on this neck.

It turned out that he has an infection probably caused by chewing on sticks. He is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine now

Many chem-trails in Kansas (thought we had a-lot)

A daylight pic of the Tiki Bar I build for the Goats

Folks here at the Smoker love it, pictures are being taken and sent to friends

Solar powered rope lights on palm tree forms, and pink flamingo's

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Season is upon us ..

We will be preparing for our next adventure to Smokin' on the Beaver

We plan leaving on thursday to travel to Atwood Ks. to cook in the BBQ Contest

We have 2 teams this year :

Butts R Us
Legal Smoking

We will start cooking beef brisket on Friday, on Saturday we will cook Ribs, and pork butt.

more updates coming...