Monday, September 29, 2014

A lesson about the Dollar

The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar 

  8 min video

Friday, September 26, 2014

Photo Essay of an American Life

With all of the changes in our lives and looking forward to a mobile lifestyle.
This essay says it all......

From the Burning Platform:

You were born free … a bundle of tremendous potential.

 You were loved, and loved unconditionally

The concept of lack was foreign to you.

As you grew you started to question the world around you

You hunted fireflies on warm summer nights and you put them in jars to light your room at night.

And the door to your imagination was never locked.

Einstein said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”  But government schools were more interested in you becoming an obedient drone … and they wound up killing your joy of learning

You were ridiculed when you challenged the status quo.

You were judged … and so learned to judge others.

And so you allowed group mentality to sway your actions and decisions.

The Powers That Be worked very hard to make you believe you have no power, no control. So, you did as you were told, and feared the consequences of what would happen if you did not. You became ruled by fear. 

But, your beliefs were formed by television programming.

And what your culture says you should believe about God …. pick one.

And by what your government wants you to believe about itself, and what you should sacrifice for blind Patriotism.

You sought news of the world … but were fed propaganda.

You were presented with continuous distractions to keep you from questioning the reality around you

You were kept deliberately ignorant.

You were given hope … that you could effect change by voting. But hope was crushed when you realized both parties played the same hand.

So, you joined the rat race as no other options seemed evident.

You were trained to be a consumer.

You bought into The American Dream.

 They fed you poison.

You acquired debt.

You ….. conformed. Is it any wonder you feel confused and hopeless?

But … you’ve felt it all your life …. that it’s all just an illusion.

You let the past dictate your present, and you worry about your future. But you only have the present … living in the moment is all you can do.  Once you realize no one has power over your thoughts … you will never again act against your will.

Just remember who you are … the same soul that was born all those years ago (though your years may be closer in age to the hands holding the baby). 

But, years of conditioning almost completely eroded your sense of who you are, and the power within you. Don’t you want to change? Will you roll the red die, or the green one?

It’s your choice, completely. The labels you were given as you lived your life no longer fit. Simply choose to start believing again in your infinite potential.

You are what you believe. What you believe, you are.  Mahatma Ghandi said, “Your beliefs become your destiny”.

The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, said;  “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”  So ….  

The universe is in your hands. You were born free, you will die free … but will you LIVE free?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Simple questions that Americans are too stupid to ask

 This Shows how effective the propaganda has been ..

Simple questions that Americans are too stupid to ask.

Did we create Al-queda?
Why were we funding them in the 80’s
Why did most of them originate in Saudi Arabia?
Why are we giving them weapons now in Syria?
Why do we still have the TSA and homeland security, if they are no longer our enemies, but our allies?
Should we send the 30,000 drones you ordered up to fly over the United States skies over to Syria, it seems that there are many of them over there, if that is your real target.

1. Where is all of our nations Gold, can we see it please?

2. Where does the Federal Reserve get their money? They are the lender of last resort, who are they?

3. Who do we pay our taxes to?

4. Why has all our elections been switched to electronic voting? How do you recount electronic votes?

5. Why does our Government need our tax money, if they constantly spend more than they take in anyway?

6. If Identity theft and electronic fraud are the number one crime in the world, why are we still insisting on everything being kept track of and stored electronically.

7. How is the stock market an indicator of wealth, if a private family with no real money is constantly injecting money into the system to keep it from collapsing.

8. How can you have freely traded stocks if all stocks are traded by high frequency computer trading, kept from going down by a plunge protection team, and supported by quantitative easing?

9. Why are you allowing a private family to use money they create out of thin air, to purchase real assets like mortgages, stocks in companies, and real commodities?

10. If the government works for you, then why are you the one that goes to prison if you try to fire them?

11. If we have the right to privacy, why have we become the most spied upon people in the history of the world?

12. If we are the land of the free, then why do we have the largest number of people locked up, and the rest of us, are unable to stop our own slavery?

13. If we are nation of laws, then why is it that government can commit any crime they want, and no one gets punished. You would think in a land of the locked up, that we would be eager to throw a few elite in prison as well, right?

14. Why has our government been found to be lying about everything? NSA, AP, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Weapons of mass destruction, IRS, Fukushima, etc, etc.

15. What exactly has government succeeded in doing correctly? We are enslaved under debt, denied cures, denied alternative energy, kept in a state of war that we never win, have a war on drugs funded from both sides. The list of absolute Government failures is huge. Trade deficits, protection of the dollar, jobs, you name it, any any point in the system where government is involved you can find failure, and corruption.

16. Why did building seven simply collapse in it’s own footprint on 9/11? No metal structure building has ever done that since, or before.

17. Why is it that banks are the first thing we set up in any nation we conquer? Are we fighting for freedom, or currency control?
18. Why was the hole made in the pentagon on 9/11 too small for a jet that size to fly into? Where were the engines? The wings? The tail section? Did it evaporate like the 1.5 billion dollars from MF GLobal?

19. If social security is bankrupt, then why are people still required to pay in?

If we are fighting for freedom, why are we not free?
If we are spreading freedom, then why are we installing rigged democratic governments with rigged elections, instead of installing free republics around the world?
(EGYPT) prime example!
Where is our republic?
Where is our constitution?
Where are our freedoms?
Democracy is not freedom, so why are we spreading it?
Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner.
Why is all our freedom being stolen to fight to protect our freedoms?
Make sense?

In 1912 there was no Federal Income Tax, No State income tax, no Sales tax.
Was everyone in 1912 unpatriotic?

Why are we never allowed to vote for those who run the federal reserve?
Why are we never allowed to vote for those who represent us at the United Nations?
If NAFTA destroyed our economy and outsourced all our jobs & manufacturing, how come there is no mention of cancelling NAFTA?
textile industries, steel industries, etc. etc. etc. all destroyed.
Was it by design?
If Liberals hate giant greedy corporations, why do they love the largest corporation of all, The United States Corporation?
If they don’t trust large corporate power, then why do they want to give all their freedom away to the corporation of Government?
If they don’t trust power in the hands of the few, why is their answer to place more power in the hands of even fewer?
If there truly is two different parties, then why do neither democrats, or republicans ever undo what the previous party has built up?
Why do Democrats and Republicans continue the same policies after the other party is out of power?
Wall Street bailouts, and more power given to the federal reserve under Bush.
Wall Street Bailouts, and more power given to the federal reserve under Obama.
Invasion and war under Bush
Invasion and war under Obama

Is the reason our software, and technology stock dropping because the rest of the world found out we had back doors built into all of our technology?
If only half the people able to work are working full time…
And half of those people working full time, work in some sort of Government funded industry… How do we ever plan to get out of debt?

Why are SWAT teams and Government officials gearing up for war against American citizens?

More on Stupidity here  Cluborlov

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Real Free Market Lessons

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 This is the type of television you see in a free market capitalist society.
( 3 min.)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ebola News ... Not Pretty

 So, as we go through the precess of disposing of "stuff" and some folks acting like assholes "that they truly are".

Thinking  (really) they will be living forever, "winning" by having more stuff than the other guy, (acquired by taking advantage of a handy situation) and they can take it with them. 

A little news from the bio-weapons front.


ebola burying dead bodiesEbola Containment Is Not Possible...

 Ebola Is Already Airborne...

Health experts continue to dispute the question of whether or not the Ebola virus disease could mutate to spread in an airborne manner. These experts are dead wrong and this article will demonstrate that Ebola has breached any hope of containment and the virus is indeed airborne and that these facts have been known for sometime.

The Quiet Voices of Science Express Concern About the Spread of Ebola

Some of the nation’s top infectious disease experts worry that one of the deadliest viruses on the planet could mutate and be transmitted just by a mere cough or a sneeze. Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy a the University of Minnesota, writing for the New York Times stated that “The second possibility is one that virologists are loath to discuss openly but are definitely considering in private: that an Ebola virus could mutate to become transmissible through the air“.

Yesterday, on September 12, 2012, Osterholm  also told CNN that “It’s the single greatest concern I’ve ever had in my 40-year public health career.” Echoing Osterholm, Dr. David Heymann, professor for the London School of Hygiene of Tropical Medicine, said “It is impossible to predict how any virus will mutate”.
Both Osterholm and Heymann note that virologists are extremely hesitant to discuss the possibility of discussing the possibility and potential for Ebola to become an airborne virus because they are scared to death of being professionally discredited and accused of whipping up hysteria with regard to the dangers posed by the present Ebola outbreak. However, in private, they both state, that anyone close to the virus are expressing grave fears about this possibility. In fact, Osterholm specifically stated in the New York Times article that … it’s something they are “definitely considering in private.”
Osterholm is not merely expressing the fear that Ebola will go airborne based upon a knee-jerk emotional response. Osterholm’s observations are based upon his knowledge of the fact that the replication of Ebola has been “notoriously sloppy in replicating”, which greatly increases the chances that  the present form of Ebola can morph into a new strain that is considerably more dangerous and very possibly would become airborne.

The Disturbing Findings of Canadian Researchers

Other researchers have stated that is imperative to better understand  where people come into contact with Ebola-infected animals. As it turns out, the transmission of Ebola through human to human contact with bodily fluids is not the only present means for spreading the virus. For example through hunting or eating the African bush meat , it has been discovered that the virus is likely being spread through this type of contact as well. This is something that the corporate-controlled media is not reporting truthfully as the nature of their reports act as if Ebola cannot be spread from animal to human.

The airborne transmission of Ebola from species to species is already an established scientific fact, despite what is being reported on FOX, CBS, ABC, etc.

More Disturbing Implications

This study definitely demonstrates that pigs can certainly be a host for Ebola. When humans consume an Ebola-infected pig as a food source, transmission of Ebola is likely. This has profound implications for the containment of Ebola.
Just for the sake of argument, let’s just say that every infected, and potentially infected human could be quarantined for the purpose of preventing transmission of Ebola to other humans. The Canadian research findings tells us that the transmission of Ebola through the food supply renders human quarantining to be a totally useless practice. Nobody could realistically estimate the degree of Ebola transmission amongst the animal population. However, since the Ebola is already airborne, it would be impossible to contain. And certainly the solution to this problem is to not just forego eating ham this Thanksgiving. It is simply too late to contain Ebola! How could we not conclude that Ebola is already airborne?
The Canadian study also mentions that at the time of publication, that they did not have sufficient proof that Ebola would “jump from non-human primates to humans” through airborne means, and that this was not the main focus of the research. However, when we apply the lens of common sense there is an inescapable consequence. If Ebola can be transmitted from pigs to monkeys through the air, then why can’t Ebola be transmitted from human to human in the same manner? And sadly, most researchers are too intimidated to speak about this, much less research the possibility.
The Canadian researchers do not stand alone in their findings regarding transmissibility of Ebola, several researchers have found that Ebola may be present in more animals than previously thought. According to researchers studying Ebola, they have found that “The deadly virus has been detected in chimpanzees, gorillas, fruit bats, monkeys, antelopes, porcupines, rodents, dogs, pigs and humans”.
What do these facts say about the collective wisdom of the CDC and Obama’s administration as they have brought a fourth Ebola patient back into the United States? If Ebola has ANY chance of being airborne, then why would the government bring any infected person into the country?

Dire Implications for the United States

ebola elephant in the roomWhen it comes to Ebola, there is an elephant in the room. In fact, there are several elephants in the room. The first elephant has to do with the migration pattern of the present Ebola outbreak. The outbreak is migrating to the East. To prevent world-wide contamination, Ebola would have to be contained in Africa. However, if the eastern migration of Ebola reaches India and its 1.2 billion people, Ebola will spread like a wildfire.
Ebola map
The second elephant in the room has to do with the fact that Ebola can be packaged and distributed a bio-terror weapon. And since the United States has a totally open southern border, which literally anyone can cross, this has enormously frightening implications for our people.
They say that bad things come in three’s and in this case, they are correct. The third elephant in the room has to do with the fact that our government is doing absolutely doing nothing in the form of containment. In the light of the present health crisis, would it not have been prudent to detain illegal immigrants and test them for Ebola? Or, does science mean nothing to this administration? Or, perhaps, are there other motives which transcends the present level of ignorance on display?




By the way, why has the State Department ordered 160,000 HAZMAT suits?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Geomagnetic Sun & Earth Weather Report

As some of my friends may know I love the suspicious observers you tube channel

Here is the latest geo- magnetic CME  X Flair storm headed our way today and for a short time

I have a link to his page at the top left of our weather page

The trailer is detached from the grid, running on its micro power plant (Solar) just in case..

 Video length 4.5 minutes

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Have Been Busy

With declining business activity, and getting older with health issues, we are closing our Water Garden Store after 20 years in business.

It has been a grinding chore to make sure all of our records (that need to be stored for at least 7 years) for the "I lost my e-mails IRS"  do not have any credit card numbers that can be stolen.

I have been preparing the trailer for our new mobile lifestyle ( which I am really looking forward to),
Also I have been sorting through stuff, and trying to pare down possessions to a minimum, not an easy task .

For the near future we will have a rented "Home Base" which is where the storage of stuff will be and a place we can park the trailer for awhile when we are passing through.

You will see some changes in this blog:

You will see travel log type posts, along with "what we are up to" posts, with continued Mr Gadget, posts, some alternative news articles, and hunting, fishing posts.

I will try to monetize the blog a little bit (which means to try to have the blog make a little money)

This month posts will likely be a little sparse But, next month should be fun.

See 'Ya then..