Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mid Season Pheasant hunting

Gary Libby and I started hunting about 9am, by noon, with the expert help of Libby the wonder dog we had 6 Pheasants

Weather was 30 degrees, winds about 20 -25 mph out of the west north-west

Most of the pheasants were setting tight, Scenting conditions were very good, we had some very good points.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Starting our 2 week pheasant hunting adventure

Left Colorado Monday afternoon with sunny skies, by the time Libby and I got to Holyoke Co we were in a snowstorm
Picture of the following morning about 4 - 5 inches of new snow

Went hunting Tuesday in lots of mud

We were the only ones on the road, you can tell by the ruts we left in the muddy roads, top speed 15 mph

One pheasant - one prairie chicken

day two .. more mud

We decided to hunt 'till noon (could not take another whole day of driving in the mud

One Pheasant early in the morning, Libby did a great job !

Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive

Packed up and left Waunetta about 1:30 started out of Iowa

We are currently parked in Council Bluffs where there is a casino,

To our surprise there is a new Bass Pro store here we are parked close to their parking lot.

Will rest here for the night, continue on tomorrow.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Busy month of November .. haha

Preparing for many trips this month,

Beginning Monday going to Nebraska for some more Pheasant Hunting

Going to Iowa for pheasant hunting

Going to South Dakota for pheasant hunting and possibly arranging for another hunting dog

Going to Arkansas and Tennessee for thanksgiving.

Well will keep you posted on the events..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Opening weekend Nebraska Pheasant Season

Libby and I left Friday and traveled to Waunetta and attended the "smoker" and Saturday began hunting pheasants.

This area has had about 7 inches of rain in the last few days, we found the roads very muddy and virtually no corn harvested, We hunted all day with only one bird harvested,

Sunday, we had better luck finding birds, but it is sooo windy ( about 30 -40 mph) it was very hard to catch up to with them, I did manage to harvest one bird with the help of Libby.

Tomorrow, Monday we are planning to try our luck at wild turkeys again..

Sorry, no pictures slow internet...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunting for the last 2 weeks

Took a trip to Nebraska for a little fall Wild Turkey hunting

Scouted for 2 days and on the third day of hunting, ended up with 2 tom turkeys with one shot

Left Brighton Co for Fairplay Co for annual elk hunting last weekend thru Tuesday, No luck on getting elk But, enjoyed the trip anyway, Camped on forest service land for 5 days, using solar and wind power to run the camper.

Traveling to Nebraska on Friday for opening day (in Imperial Ne ) for pheasants, Libby can't wait. Will post more on this trip, we will have internet service there.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pearl Lake Co

After staying overnight at Hot Sulpher Springs, I went to the range and checked the scope sighting of the hunting rifle.. Good thing I made the trip to check it. The scope was way high and to the right.
Shot about a half box of shells and got it zero'ed in.

I headed for Stagecoach reservoir to meet Rusty for some fishing, he ended up being a no show,

I continued north of Seamboat Springs to Pearl Lake, I have never been here before and wanted to check it out.

Pearl Lake is a Colorado State park.. It is beautiful...

I grabbed my fishing pole to try my luck, this mallard duck is really tame, did'nt mind that I was fishing.

View Larger Map

Tomorrow traveling back home, weather is coming in from the west, possible winter weather Saturday night.

Next week Gary & I will try and bag a couple of wild turkeys ... back to Nebraska

Thursday, October 2, 2008

gone to sight in the rifle for Elk Season


I have traveled to Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado, to sight in the 30 cal short win mag for elk hunting this month near Fairplay Co.

near here is a state owned rifle range for sighting in, great excuse for leaving town and going to the mountains in October.

I am in a forest service camp (free) to stay overnight and shoot tomorrow.

Also we may be fishing at stagecoach res. tomorrow with Rusty

link to our location on google maps this is a test

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Searching for Blue Grouse in Colorado

Traveled to Eagle Co in search of Blue Grouse in the mountains.

Although the season is almost over, the weather is sooo nice Libby and I decided to go and give it a try.

Libby is checking along the road, it so happens the aspens are in their full fall color.
We did not have any luck finding the grouse But, we took a few pictures of the colors.

Libby along a tree line hunting for Blue Grouse

I am a sucker for mountain creeks and streams here is one next to a spot that you can camp next to

Video of a stream in the White national forest near Sylvan Lake state park

Although we did not find any grouse, the travels along the roads were beautiful, and we were able to find camping spots on forest service land and hunting spots for next year.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Update of the Goats event

Sorry for the late post.

A few pics of the event and a couple videos of the auction

Picture of our camp at the Goat gatering Salida Colorado

Video of the auction of a print generated by Ashley Goodnow of a Rocky Mountain goat

High bid was $110.00 to go to the IORMG foundation

A full size grizzly bear rug sells for $800.00

More information about the Goats

"Ol' Goats" help students and wildlife
A male Rocky Mountain'Billie' goat sheds his winter goat.:A female (Nannie) Rocky Mountain goat photographed near the top of Mt. Evans with several kids.:A Nannie with her kid show excellent balance at 14,000 feet.:";
Contributed by: Joe McDaniel on 6/12/2006
The International Order of Rocky Mountain Goats is active in Colorado but not many know about it. Inspired by our noble high-country Rocky Mountain goat, the order was founded in Salida, Colo. 40 years ago by a group of wildlife enthusiasts with several important shared beliefs.
"The order shall be a society of good sportsmen who are congenial, conservation-minded, promoting mutual respect among sportsmen and landowners, abidance of wildlife regulations, conservation of wildlife and particularly the noble Rocky Mountain Goat, and who hold to the American Way of Life."
The Order has grown to hundreds of member Ol' Goats, with chapters (called herds) throughout the United States and in England. Chapter leaders are referred to as "Herdsires."
Wayne Teel, of Parker has been a member for more than three years. He enthusiastically talks about some of the activities of The Rocky Mountain Goats Foundation which provides valuable scholarships each year to students majoring in wildlife biology or wildlife management. Currently there are two students being supported at Colorado State University and another at the University of Michigan. Candidates must go through a rigorous screening process to qualify for grants.
IORMG also supports the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, donating $5,000 last year, to help with operating costs, food, supplies, etc., for its Rocky Mountain goat exhibit. As a result of an arduous research project, the Order gathered enough early references (some from the early 1800s) to verify the presence of the goat in Colorado. The Colorado Wildlife Commission was able to officially declare the Rocky Mountain goat as native to the state. This official proclamation has allowed the Division of Wildlife and the Order to introduce new herds into new areas in the Rockies without complications from Federal wildlife regulations.
Members also help wildlife agencies in conducting accurate counts of herds, in supporting wildlife educational programs, in tagging projects and in improving habitat.
The scores of "herds" hold monthly meetings or "waterholes" . . . often a luncheon with a speaker or a film on a wildlife topic. The local herd meets for lunch at noon on the first Friday of each month at the American Legion #1 Post near Interstate 25 and Yale.
If you have an interest in the outdoors and wildlife, and in making a positive contribution to the vital preservation and future health of the goat and other native species, you should consider the worthwhile International Order of Rocky Mountain Goats.
To learn how you might become an Ol' Goat, contact Wayne Teel at 303-841-3599. For information about the fascinating goat, Oreamnos americanus, go to

Friday, September 5, 2008

Rocky Mountain Goats wadi day 1

Jim and Lee Elling

for Chris and Rob, Fred's beard is a little shorter this year, he shaved for three months this year, promises to have the long one next year

Rocky ( the Bronco's leprechaun)
is camped next to us..
Picture of him selling his poetry of the Rocky Mountain National Park

Amount of firewood for the night, most was gone by morning,

Thursday, September 4, 2008

International Order of Rock Mountain Goats

Left 9 am from Denver to attend the WADI in Salida Colorado on us forest service land for 5 days boondocking.


The Rocky Mountain Goats have herds this one is from Colorado

Herd from the great northwest.

more to come

Dove Hunting

Went to Nebraska to do some dove hunting, over the labor day weekend, stopped at
Cabala's not too impressed with their stuff lately, only bought socks..

stayed overnight there, the next morning I noticed the tires were low on air pressure, I was without a tire chuck, went to a nearby Wal-Mart and purchased a tire chuck for the small air compressor we carry in the trailer, using the 110 volt inverter, we had the tires pumped up in no time.

Arrived in Wauneta, on Friday and set up camp with friend Jeff,

We (Libby & I) were invited to another friend in the area to watch the huskers, they had to get payper view to watch a husker game. (go figure)

Saturday, scouted for new dove hunting spots, found a couple. started a 5 am

Monday, left for the hunting spot at 5 am started at sunrise, had limit of doves in 2 hours

Tuesday left in the morning and went back home, to catch up with business and restock for the Rocky Mountain Goats trip in Salida Co

Now is the time for travel and hunting again ..Yea!!!

Our first trip not too far away to play with all of the new stuff with the trailer..

Jackson Res. in Wiggins Colorado

trying out a new wire fence that folds up for traveling with dogs, works very well..

Took August 23rd to 24th for much needed rest.

Only bad thing is lots of mosquitoes

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Remove site meter from blog

We have removed the site meter from the blog, it is causing internet explorer to crash

It is finally time to prepare for another fall

I start to prepare for the fall hunting seasons, traveling to Kiowa creek for sporting clays and projects for the camper this season.

On the way to the range , traffic stopped for a roll over semi on the left side of the road.

Arrived at Kiowa Creek just a little late for some shoot'n

I shoot once every week to tune up the shooting skills for the new hunting seasons.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday AMERICA

For the last 2 years we have flown the Susan B Anthony 13 star flag,on the 4th of July

Saturday, June 28, 2008

around the back yard this summer

Since it is not hunting and traveling season yet, thought I would show the back yard a little

Mom says the 13 inch tv is too small, new one installed 32 inch, had to build a cabnet for it

Corona light acquired through a trade with a local tavern in Denver installed and decorated with a couple of parrots

new addition to the outdoor kitchen equipment, a smoker, still learning, but alot of fun and tasty

Flower garden this year

Waterfall running, koi swimming showing the pump house and a new water flow next to the pump house

Koi swimming in the pond near where we feed them

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quick Trip to Telluride Co

Traveling down the road next to the Arkansas River, saw this out of the side of my eye, turned around twice .

Off road anyone

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our non- hunting dogs

I am editing pictures and video this morning:

Our newest addition Charlie (a rescue dog)

We are trying to add to our carbon footprint, since all the tree huggers are conserving we can burn more....... yeah.... Could not resist a video of Libby

Charlie trying to find a mouse she thinks

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Planning a turkey hunt in April

A fellow (Denny Breen) stopped by yesterday to purchase an aeration system for his mother in Nebraska, we got to comparing notes and he has a couple spots on the North Platte River to hunt wild turkeys.

I hope to go and do some spring turkey hunting if I can get away for a day. (hope--Hope)

Here is a link to their web site

We use FedEx in our business

March 18: Fedex driver Jay McMullin helps 78-year-old Odell Bunch into the delivery truck after Bunch's Ford Ranger was swept off of Hwy 34 by flood waters. Torrential rains that hammered southern Missouri caused widespread flooding Tuesday that left at least four people dead, hundreds homeless, closed nearly 200 roads and sent propane tanks and debris spiraling down lowlands turned into raging rivers.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pheasants Forever southwest nebraska

Left home about noon on Saturday, high temp of 80 deg.
Nice break from the cold of winter.

I arrived a little early, took picture before the sale

Dart game popping balloons for prizes for the kids

Some stuff for the house

I won the auction price for the sculpture on the left for 150.00

Silent auction for Pheasant items

Every one participating in the auction

Checked out Sunday morning, temperatures in the low 30's snow and blowing snow.
Snow sticking to the coats of the buffalo on the trip home.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Going to Pheasants forever banquet

I will be taking pictures and additional information and this worthwhile event taking place in Imperial Nebraska