Friday, September 26, 2008

Update of the Goats event

Sorry for the late post.

A few pics of the event and a couple videos of the auction

Picture of our camp at the Goat gatering Salida Colorado

Video of the auction of a print generated by Ashley Goodnow of a Rocky Mountain goat

High bid was $110.00 to go to the IORMG foundation

A full size grizzly bear rug sells for $800.00

More information about the Goats

"Ol' Goats" help students and wildlife
A male Rocky Mountain'Billie' goat sheds his winter goat.:A female (Nannie) Rocky Mountain goat photographed near the top of Mt. Evans with several kids.:A Nannie with her kid show excellent balance at 14,000 feet.:";
Contributed by: Joe McDaniel on 6/12/2006
The International Order of Rocky Mountain Goats is active in Colorado but not many know about it. Inspired by our noble high-country Rocky Mountain goat, the order was founded in Salida, Colo. 40 years ago by a group of wildlife enthusiasts with several important shared beliefs.
"The order shall be a society of good sportsmen who are congenial, conservation-minded, promoting mutual respect among sportsmen and landowners, abidance of wildlife regulations, conservation of wildlife and particularly the noble Rocky Mountain Goat, and who hold to the American Way of Life."
The Order has grown to hundreds of member Ol' Goats, with chapters (called herds) throughout the United States and in England. Chapter leaders are referred to as "Herdsires."
Wayne Teel, of Parker has been a member for more than three years. He enthusiastically talks about some of the activities of The Rocky Mountain Goats Foundation which provides valuable scholarships each year to students majoring in wildlife biology or wildlife management. Currently there are two students being supported at Colorado State University and another at the University of Michigan. Candidates must go through a rigorous screening process to qualify for grants.
IORMG also supports the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, donating $5,000 last year, to help with operating costs, food, supplies, etc., for its Rocky Mountain goat exhibit. As a result of an arduous research project, the Order gathered enough early references (some from the early 1800s) to verify the presence of the goat in Colorado. The Colorado Wildlife Commission was able to officially declare the Rocky Mountain goat as native to the state. This official proclamation has allowed the Division of Wildlife and the Order to introduce new herds into new areas in the Rockies without complications from Federal wildlife regulations.
Members also help wildlife agencies in conducting accurate counts of herds, in supporting wildlife educational programs, in tagging projects and in improving habitat.
The scores of "herds" hold monthly meetings or "waterholes" . . . often a luncheon with a speaker or a film on a wildlife topic. The local herd meets for lunch at noon on the first Friday of each month at the American Legion #1 Post near Interstate 25 and Yale.
If you have an interest in the outdoors and wildlife, and in making a positive contribution to the vital preservation and future health of the goat and other native species, you should consider the worthwhile International Order of Rocky Mountain Goats.
To learn how you might become an Ol' Goat, contact Wayne Teel at 303-841-3599. For information about the fascinating goat, Oreamnos americanus, go to

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