Thursday, October 23, 2014

The "I Own My House" Myth

As we prepare to set out to the uplands for the much anticipated Bird Season Opening Day & embark on our slow travels and new mobile  lifestyle.
It reinforces my observation that no one in this part of the world really never "OWNS" any REAL-estate. Even if it is "paid for" from a mortgage, you never truly own it.

So, to all of those who have expressed their concern that we no longer HAVE A HOUSE, here is some food for thought.

Who Really Owns Your Home?: 

Detroit Preparing to Foreclose on 142,000 Residents By 2016

 by Joshua Krause

Have you ever considered the legitimacy of property taxes? It’s one thing for the government to take a cut from your income, but there’s something deeply offensive about the idea of property taxes. It’s the idea that you have to pay your local government, year after year for the rest of your life, for something you’ve already paid in full. It’s complete nonsense.
It calls into question whether you even own your property in the first place. After all, do you really own it if you have to keep paying for it? It seems to closely resemble the medieval system of serfdom. The peasants didn’t own the land they worked on. They had to pay a yearly fee for the right to work that land, which went towards the nobles and knights. It was protection money. So at least they had the benefit of protection from the warrior class in those societies. Can you say the same of your local police?
I digress. In reality, you don’t “own” your house or the land it sits on, even if it’s been paid in full. That’s another benefit those peasants have on us. They didn’t have to pay some bank for decades, only to have their land taken from them when they didn’t pay their “yearly fee”. They were never under the illusion that the land belonged to them.
I doubt the people of Detroit have any illusions either. They’re facing an unimaginable crises that threatens to put tens of thousands of residents on the streets. The city government is about to show us once and for all, who really owns the land.
This year in Detroit, there have been 22,000 foreclosures on properties whose owners failed to pay property taxes three years in a row. Of those, 10,000 are estimated to be occupied, meaning this year’s foreclosures are set to oust about 27,000 Detroiters from their homes.
That’s a large number in a dwindling city with fewer than 700,000 residents, but the figures are set to get even worse. In the next couple of months, Wayne County’s treasurer will be serving foreclosure notices on 110,000 more properties, 85,000 of which are in Detroit, according to its chief deputy treasurer David Szymanski. With half of those Detroit properties estimated to be occupied, this means a further 115,000 Detroiters might lose their homes next year.
In a city supposedly trying to attract residents rather than lose them, this means a potential 142,000 Detroiters—one-fifth of the city’s population—will be shown the door within the next year and a half. The city has yet to announce plans for accommodating those who get evicted.
So they’re basically going to evict the bottom fifth of the city in one fell swoop. What kind of country do we live in, where a city can look their citizens in the eye and say “Sorry, you’re not good enough for us. You don’t make enough money to live in the poorest city in America. You’re not rich enough to grace the bottom of the barrel.” They’re really prepared to throw their citizens out on the coldest and meanest streets of America, while their fiscally and morally bankrupt government spends 450 million dollars on a brand new hockey stadium.
That is just wicked.
Somehow I don’t think this is going to end well for the city. I don’t think they’re going to be able oust 142,000 of their poorest and most desperate residents. These people don’t have anything left to lose, and there aren’t enough cops to evict them at gunpoint. If this comes to a head, then the residents of Detroit should prepare themselves for the next major American riot.
Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author.


  More background from Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – Wayne County will send people door-to-door to offer thousands of foreclosed Detroit homes for as little as $500, a move that would keep a roof overhead for occupants and possibly get properties back on the tax rolls.

More than 6,000 Detroit homes, foreclosed because taxes weren’t paid, didn’t sell at auction last fall. The county treasurer’s office doesn’t want to see them abandoned and is willing to negotiate with anyone living inside, including owners who no longer have a right to the property.

Wayne County Deputy Treasurer Eric Sabree told WWJ’s Sandra McNeil representatives from his office will make the offer on thousands of delinquent properties.

“A person must prove to us that they are bonafide residents who unfortunately, I am presuming, have been paying their rent to somebody who apparently didn’t pay their delinquent taxes,” Sabree said.
Sabree said there are a number of ways people can prove residence.

“Not only through an authorized state identification card or a driver’s license, a cable … a utility bill — anything of those sorts are reviewed and then a determination is made and a offer to those individuals,” he said.
Sabree said the residents must agree to be monitored for two years to make sure they keep up the property and the taxes on the house. He said it’s a way to stop blight.

“A vacant house is not going to help anybody,” he told The Detroit News.
Charles Brown, 62, said he’s been squatting in his home for about a year. He said he installed windows and doors and uses the fireplace for heat.  “I am still doing a lot of work,” Brown said. “It would mean a lot if I could keep it.”
A neighbor who rents, Freda Armstrong, said she would have purchased Brown’s house at auction.
“That is a brick house. I would have fixed it up,” she said. “A lot of people don’t even know these houses are for sale.”
A similar program last year led to the sale of 1,200 homes. The city of Detroit isn’t endorsing what county tax officials are doing with the real estate. Ed McNeil, who negotiates labor contracts for union-represented city employees, said it seems unfair to reward people when someone in the same neighborhood may never have missed a tax bill.
  Indeed, retiree George Philson, 63, pays $1,800 a year.
“I would rather have them meet their obligation like I am meeting my obligation,” he said.

John Mogk, a Wayne State University law professor who studies land issues, said 12,300 Detroit parcels were foreclosed because of unpaid taxes last year.    “There is no end in sight,” Mogk said. “The problem is just so large and overwhelming in Detroit.”
The county’s offer could keep Durand and Sharon Micheau in their bungalow, which was purchased in 2010. They lost it because they couldn’t pay three years of unpaid taxes, fines and interest of $17,900.
“We are not looking to dodge our responsibility,” said Durand, 42. “If I could pay the taxes right now, I would, but I don’t have the money.



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Back to Home Base for a few days

After our shake down trip to the Mountains some equipment and other things stand out that need to be addressed.

First the trip was great except for the weather the last couple of days, with snow and cold causing our "yard" to become a bit muddy.

The biggest failure was the " Solar Battery Bank"decided to completely die, making it necessary to use the multiple back up systems of power generation to keep warm

The first system was to use the house battery in the suburban to run the trailer, after a few hours, we utilized the trolling batteries from the boat to run the trailer into the night.

Not having a good way to monitor the battery condition of the boat batteries, I decided to try and use the  solar bank batteries throughout the night (lows in the 20's) (no antifreeze for the water pipes)

Once the battery voltage reaches 11.8 volts the heater system will shut down. the 3rd option is the charging system from the suburban (running the engine at idle). I found that if I ran the engine for about 1 to 2 hours the batteries would run the furnace for about 4 hours.

Running the engine worked, the only problem is it is hard to get much sleep through the night.
One failure of the truck was by doing this a spark plug was fouled in the process.

Second:  Mice....
They were coming in like crazy ... driving us nuts .. The dogs kept trying to get them but they are too fast..

So, a trip to the feed store to get the old fashion traps .. They worked great.. 6 dead mice in one day..

NOW.. back at base camp doing repairs and getting ready for the next adventure :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Starting out in Colorado

Our adventure has started in the Steamboat Springs area, we decided to take up a spot at the Stagecoach State Park, it seems that as of October 1st, all but one of camp area spots are closed,
The water is shut off, the dump station is closed along with all bathrooms and showers.

But hey at least they give you a discount a whopping $3.00 per day and you need to pay daily ($17.00)

But, we did have some fun there fishing and all.

a little 22 inch Rainbo caught before dark

 Also caught 3 other that were smaller, we ate them for supper Yummm
I was too lazy to get up and watch the eclipse & blood moon took this one much earlier than 3 am

A couple of what I find unique rigs

A preview of our next spot..
Our front yard view
Stay tuned

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Triple Data bandwidth for 30 bucks

Yesterday I was doing my usual browsing of full timers blogs,

I saw a post from the folks of  Wheelingit about the major wireless companies having a bandwidth war of sorts, I saw an ad from at&t where they will double your data if you have a 15 GB plan for no extra charge.

So, I decided to check out Verizon to see what they are doing.
I found I could triple my bandwidth (10GB) for an additional 30 dollars.
 So, after doing some research on their website, they would add the 20GB to the account, But, our discount for having 2 phones out of contract would not show up.

I decided to go to a Verizon store nearby (dreaded that) to my surprise no customers were in the store.
The fella was able to get the 30GB plan and only added 30 dollars to the bill..

I left a happy camper :)

The special pricing is for the month of October only.

If you are like us and your main internet is the use of a air card or phone it would be worthwhile to check out.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 1-- We are officially Full Timers

After deciding to close the Water Garden Store after 20 years of working 7 days per week during the garden season which usually lasted from February to October.
We have spent the last 2 months selling, packing, disposing of stuff.
We are going to keep for the next year, Colorado as our home base, in the near future we will be taking advantage of our location and head to the mountains for some much needed R & R, fishing, Boondocking.

But first we need to do all of the drone stuff required of the slave class, like get the quarterly taxes done (joy) , do stupid emission test on the vehicles, so we can pay the extortion fees to the state for the "privilege" of driving
on the highways, go to a Verizon store to get them to manually set up our online account, and more. Grrrrrrr

Follow our adventures as we mosey around.