Saturday, October 4, 2014

Triple Data bandwidth for 30 bucks

Yesterday I was doing my usual browsing of full timers blogs,

I saw a post from the folks of  Wheelingit about the major wireless companies having a bandwidth war of sorts, I saw an ad from at&t where they will double your data if you have a 15 GB plan for no extra charge.

So, I decided to check out Verizon to see what they are doing.
I found I could triple my bandwidth (10GB) for an additional 30 dollars.
 So, after doing some research on their website, they would add the 20GB to the account, But, our discount for having 2 phones out of contract would not show up.

I decided to go to a Verizon store nearby (dreaded that) to my surprise no customers were in the store.
The fella was able to get the 30GB plan and only added 30 dollars to the bill..

I left a happy camper :)

The special pricing is for the month of October only.

If you are like us and your main internet is the use of a air card or phone it would be worthwhile to check out.

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