Monday, October 25, 2010

More Elk trip

Rob needed to get additional license, we stopped at the sporting goods store and parked behind a camper that has been dragging the sewer hose for a while.

Don't think it is much good anymore

We went into old town Fairplay

This store sell nothing but quality hats

The old time bar

The boys from Minnesota, met us at the bar in old town.

In this picture there are 3 generations of Elk Hunters.

(left) Rob Bendt

(to the right of the guy on white hat) Jim Bendt

(next guy to the right) George Bendt ( Jim's brother from Minnesota)

(next guy standing to the right) Bob Bendt ( Jim's son, Rob's father)

Time for elk hunting


Left on Thursday about 11:30 to Do the yearly trek to the Mountains around Jefferson Colorado.

Got to the usual camp on forest service land and found it to be "Grand Central Station "

I decided to go further up the road and find another spot, I traveled another two miles and found a large flat area and decided it would do.

The new spot is another 500 ft higher. ( the old spot is at 10,000 ft the new spot (on Georgia Pass)is at 10,500 ft but so far very quiet. :)

I decided to go to Fairplay and fill the suburban with fuel abd maybe get a burger.

Right before the town limits of Fairplay I noticed a dodge truck on the side of the road, with it's hood up, I realized it was "Easy Ed" a long time member of the International Order of the Rocky Mountain Goats. And this year, the grand puba.

I turned around and pulled up to see what was going on.

Apparently the voltage regulator for the charging system had failed, an burnt a wire on the alternator. He had called a friend from Denver and the friend was helping to repair the truck, Luckily there is a parts store in Fairplay and the regulator was replaced.

The battery was so dead that jump starting the truck did not work.

So, we hooked up a tow strap and towed the truck the the Motel in Fairplay, where they were going to stay.

The motel had an outdoor outlet, we used a battery charger that I carry and charged the battery


Woke Up this morning to a little snow

Forecast for later today is snow up to 10 inches, and 50 mph winds after midnight.

I think the windmill will get a workout.

The group of hunter that we hunt with are from the Denver area, and northern Minnesota area.

We plan to meet up tonight, to make plans for tomorrow..

We are at 10.600 ft elevation