Thursday, October 29, 2009

First major snow

Cody's first major snow

The Store is Closed for weather reasons.  Soooo I have decided to work on the suburban replacing rear axle seals, all of the brake pads, and replacing the front rotors

There are advantages of having a store away from the house, we now can have our vehicles inside in inclimate weather and work on them.

Below is a picture of the Pontiac inside for the first time of its life

The area in this picture "was" the sales and showroom in the last 9 years.

Even though I have alot of stuff around while working on the Suburban this picture is for Brad in Arkansas Enjoy!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Elk Hunting 09

Have spent the last week
Elk Hunting in the Colorado Mountains near Fairplay (Jefferson)

A few pictures of early mornings waiting for some elk action

Last morning early picture after a previous day snow, notice the fog laying in the mountain valley on the upper left of the picture, before sunrise

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Travel back to Colorado

We are currently parked in North Platte, Ne (at wal-mart lot) due to freezing mist and light rain.

We stopped in time to watch the last quarter of the Denver Bronco's game and watch the overtime win..  Both the Broncos and the Vikings have unbeaten records so far, kinda cool (My two favorite football teams)

Now watching the Minnesota Twins vs the Yankee's

Waiting for the Rockies ice-ball. baseball  game.( DirectTv & modern RV's are wonderful things)

Our parking spot

A little snow here

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Mason City

We are in Mason City Ia, tending to family matters.

Camped in a remodeled campground on the east side of town near the Winnebago River, Very  nice place called Margret McNider camp ground..


Saturday, October 3, 2009

No MLB baseball on serius radio

The Rockies will play tomorrow at 2pm, I have checked the schedule and there is no satellite radio broadcast.

Our back up plan is to use the Verizon air card in the suburban and using the laptop computer, we will attempt to pull up the Denver radio station for the local broadcast. and listen on the internet.

Traveling to North Central Iowa

Left Brighton about 2:30 this afternoon, currently parked at Wal-Mart in Lexington Ne.watching Rockies baseball.

How do we watch baseball in a parking lot?

We have direct tv, 4 six volt batteries, an inverter that changes 12 volt battery power to 120 volt household current... It is awesome 

Friday, October 2, 2009

This weeks highlights

We had a visit from friends from Canada (Dave & Pat), they are traveling in the US for a while this fall in the western part of the country. We met them In Yuma, Az. last winter staying out of the winter weather for the month of February.
We had a very nice visit, telling stories, and of mechanical RV repairs.

Came home from the store, and the direct tv did not work, called the company, it was determined that the tuner is bad, a new one has been sent, have not received it yet so far, but I took the one we use in the outdoor gazebo, and hooked it up, as a backup..

Watched the Colorado Rockies win the wildcard spot in the playoffs.
Since our political climate is in the shitter, I decided this year to watch more sports (as a diversion) It has helped, I watched too much television news anyway.. Go Rockies... It's Rocktober.....

We have changed our store hours of operation for the winter months. we are now open from 10am to 4pm during the week and open 10am to 2pm on Saturdays and Closed on Sundays...

We had a good freeze overnight last night good news for allergies, for both me and Libby, the flies should be toast..