Wednesday, February 23, 2011

End of snowbird season

I have finally caught up with chores, now to post some pictures of fun in the sun, and r&r

This photo is of friends from Canada (Vancouver Island)Toasting Jim & Donna

Except for the guy in the middle he is from Kalifornia :)
Left to right Willie, Dave, Tom, Pat, Irma,

This is the 3rd year of the Pheasant feed.

Since, I have quite a few birds after the hunting season closes and I share them with others.

Most western Canadians have grouse, they say do not taste as good as corn raised pheasants...

Willie, with his favorite California raisin figure on his hat.

Willie, is quite a guy, bakes bread in a stone oven, (that he built), raises grapes, makes their own wine, raises bees, and harvests honey.

Willy and Irma are originally from Germany, and had relatives in east Germany ...Really fun to converse with,

Friday, February 4, 2011


I have had several; requests for the "good " tequila from Mexico to be used for the Goats in Sept for barter and other uses :)

So, Dave and Pat and I went to Mexico today.

We had lunch from a street vendor (very good tacos) they bought bread, and blankets.
and we purchased the Tequila that has been requested..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brrrrrr Cold

It is Brrrr Cold even in Yuma AZ

I was up at 5 am this morning and checked the outside temperature and it was 29*F

For this area, that is very cold, at 7 pm this evening it is 47*F

Last year high temp 73* low of 53*F

Made a short trip to Mexico today, the poor Mexicans were wearing their very heavy winter coats and scarfs. I do not think any of the stores and shops have heaters..

What did I buy in Mexico? Blankets !!
the line to get back into the US was pretty short :)

Did not take any pictures, the border folks have signs warning about taking pictures....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yuma Army Proving Grounds

I went on a little trip to check out a local lake (Lake Mittry) that is used for local irrigation for the agriculture here. ( They grow strawberries, lettuce, grapefruit, dates, oranges, etc).

There are free boondocking camping sites around the lake with a 10 day limit. (I went to check them out)

After driving around the lake, heading back to Yuma, I saw static displays of US Army artillery

So, I stopped and took some pictures
To enlarge the pictures..... Click on them

Sherman Tank

You can see where bullets hit the tank

I know many who follow the blog are having severe winter weather.

The weather in Yuma is not as cold or snowy But we are having pretty strong winds, they predict the winds to last 'till Thursday.. So far this evening my wind indicator shows a max. of 50.5mph.
The wind charger is working pretty good :)

Stay warm everybody