Friday, October 3, 2008

Pearl Lake Co

After staying overnight at Hot Sulpher Springs, I went to the range and checked the scope sighting of the hunting rifle.. Good thing I made the trip to check it. The scope was way high and to the right.
Shot about a half box of shells and got it zero'ed in.

I headed for Stagecoach reservoir to meet Rusty for some fishing, he ended up being a no show,

I continued north of Seamboat Springs to Pearl Lake, I have never been here before and wanted to check it out.

Pearl Lake is a Colorado State park.. It is beautiful...

I grabbed my fishing pole to try my luck, this mallard duck is really tame, did'nt mind that I was fishing.

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Tomorrow traveling back home, weather is coming in from the west, possible winter weather Saturday night.

Next week Gary & I will try and bag a couple of wild turkeys ... back to Nebraska

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