Thursday, March 20, 2008

Planning a turkey hunt in April

A fellow (Denny Breen) stopped by yesterday to purchase an aeration system for his mother in Nebraska, we got to comparing notes and he has a couple spots on the North Platte River to hunt wild turkeys.

I hope to go and do some spring turkey hunting if I can get away for a day. (hope--Hope)

Here is a link to their web site

We use FedEx in our business

March 18: Fedex driver Jay McMullin helps 78-year-old Odell Bunch into the delivery truck after Bunch's Ford Ranger was swept off of Hwy 34 by flood waters. Torrential rains that hammered southern Missouri caused widespread flooding Tuesday that left at least four people dead, hundreds homeless, closed nearly 200 roads and sent propane tanks and debris spiraling down lowlands turned into raging rivers.

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