Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fishin' at a top secret fishing hole

Last weekend I made a rare summer trip to southwest Husker land for a little fishing on the plains

Did a little fishing on a local lake (Enders ) only caught one northern, got rained on, and endured 104 degree heat,  (maybe that is why it a rare summer trip :))

 Sunday afternoon it was decided that our host (Jeff) Gary and I would try out a small fishin' hole..

As you can tell it is not very big

 There is no boat ramp at this little place, But, we were able to hand launch the Sea Nymph into the pond..

Jeff brought his six wheeler and did some fishing, the water is about 20 ft deep, the six wheeler floats pretty good

We trolled around with the electric trolling motor, for a couple hours, caught 2 nice crappies a nice small mouth bass, much better than the big lake.. and no speed boats..

At about dark thirty, we decided it was time to call it a day, plus thunderstorms were bearing down on us.

We did get a little wet loading up, After leaving the area, on the way back to the trailer the sky opened up and the area received about 1 inch of rain in an hour

Did I mention I really like fishing with this little boat??
 Even working around the high temps it was a very enjoyable trip..

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