Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Days in the mountains

First off, a little fishing at De Weese Reservoir

Everyone caught fish 

It was a great day

Then it is time for the GOATS

The goat wadi would not be complete without Fred

Believe it or not his beard is only one year old, last year he  was clean shaven.. 

Pretty impressive

Tim, Fred, & Rocky discussing Rocky's adventures of the last year of travels. :)

A big hit this year was the cast metal chimnea I picked up from craig's list

The Tiki Bar in full dress..

Also Rocky, with a couple of new additions to his family..

A good time was had by all ...

During the Goats gathering, we have a fishing contest at a private lake  

Walmart in Salida.....

This fellow was not happy about being left in the truck while is buddy went shopping 

Many Walmarts in the country,  will not allow RVers park overnight due to pressure from those who like to control other folks lives according to their standards.

Well ....... in Salida, they not only allow you stay overnight, they also will let you sell you RV too :)

My kind of place  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Broncos vs the Steelers .... Sunday Night

After almost everyone had left the goat event.

The Television was set up for a little sports bar action with the remaining Old West herd, they still had their CHEF on staff .. pretty cool and very good food, in the middle of a meadow on top of a mountain.

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