Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to Stagecoach Lake

We left Friday around 11am, Rusty, Mark and I, destine for Stagecoach Resivour, near Steamboat Springs for a little fishing, both of us were pulling triples, (truck + camper + boat) for a weekend .

A few fish were caught on Friday night,
Saturday night we were hot, I think 5 nice size northern, and couple nice rainbo trout.

The sunset on Saturday night was awesome,

I think in am a sucker for sunset pictures.

The fall colors are getting a good start.
A very colorful weekend

after everyone left to go home..
I took the Sea Nymph out on
 Sunday evening, tried some solo fishing.

This is the carch from 5pm to 7pm that evening

The cutting board is 20 inches long, so the Northerns were 24 inches long and the Rainbow was 16 inches

A weak cold front was coming through on Monday morning, so the Sea Nymph was packed up, returned to the big city matrix on Monday..

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