Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trip to Los Algodonas

Made my annual trip to Yuma for a trip into Mexico.

In the camp ground that is 700 ft from the US Mexican border, there are some big differences in the type of camping going on .

The dry camping is pretty full, the full hook up camping is quite empty.
The rates are drastically different, full hookups are $350.00 per month plus electricity used, the dry camping is $130.00 per month / or $50.00 per week. For the dry campers, there is water available, a dump station, and showers.

This is an Indian owned campground, the Indians that own this campground are a very lazy lot.
Nothing is maintained well at all so the dry camping is the best way to go if you are set up for it.

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Sleepy Hollow camp

Dry camping in the west side of the dry camp area
While walking Cody, I took some snap shots of some of the long term RV's in the area east of the dry camping area

This one reminds me of the movie Christmas Vacation

The left side looks clean

the right side ?

Someone should buy this one and fix her up,

I don't know if it is just being stored or abandoned.

The car comes and goes

This one has not moved for a looooong time

This converted school bus is in good shape has a diesel engine and purrrs like a kitten

Nicely done

For the Vandwellers, this was our next door neighbor,
Nice guy grew up in the San Louis valley of Colorado


This is in the same camp ground across the road from our camp.

It can be said that this place has many contrasts

A campfire shot with Cody in the background waiting for some Quail to show up

 I met many new friends, also enjoyed the time with friends from the past
This trip was too short, maybe next time I can stay longer


  1. Wow! That's quite a different view from our spot in Q, eh? It's been pretty quiet since you left. And we got quite wet!

    Thanks for the good times and very tasty pheasant!

  2. It also rained in Yuma, everyone was quite surprised.

    I prefer to stay on BLM, wide open spaces, it felt like being in a apartment complex

    You'all are very welcome for the pheasant, I receive more than I give in the way of friendship.