Friday, May 11, 2012

A Goldwing and a casket

Fellow who's name is David stopped by the other day and I had to take a couple of pictures

 Says he and the wife needed a trailer to go camping with, this is what he came up with, the wife got on-board a little later in the process..

A quote from his web site for you greenies out there 
 "Do you realize the size of the "Carbon Footprint" from a hearse?
We are working on getting a fleet of motorcycle transports that can do the job quicker getting 30 to 45 mpg and a "Carbon Footprint"  that can barely be seen in comparison.
We're sure everyone wants their "Last Ride" to be green."

Actually some of the conversation centered around a small solar system that could be used to power a small 12 volt refrigerator when traveling..

I have a couple of trailer fenders laying around that I will donate to the project..

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