Thursday, May 17, 2012

Solar Power for a teardrop & Baseball

Solar power for a teardrop trailer and Mary (I love this stuff)

My neighbor of our store, Lawrence and I had worked out a plan to install a 135 watt solar system on Mary's teardrop trailer.
Mary showed up about 10am yesterday and work had begun ( Lawrence did all of the work :)).

A before and after of the solar panel mounting

Photo shows the mounting of the charge controller ( voltage regulator)

Also the wiring from the solar panel

 Photo of the battery and 400 watt inverter installed into the existing cabinetry

Mary hangin' out for a bit during the install (pretty cool vent)

Later that afternoon

Baseball at Coors field
Sorry ....  can't get my dumb phone picture to work on the laptop (stupid computers ! )

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