Thursday, May 3, 2012


  I observe hunting seasons for pheasant, turkey, and other game, a season for work in the outdoor pet business, BBQ season, baseball season, football season, snowbird season.

So, I guess I am into seasons

I was in a bit of a hurry to repair the trailer in anticipation of this trip, But it was completed in time.

I have traveled to Mason City Iowa to witness the last season of a loved ones life, to witness the goodness of  people and their soul's.
Not, the nasty things one observes (almost daily recently) from the mainstream media, politicians, or radicals that want to tear down this country.

I will share some landscape images from the town where The Music Man movie was made, how the area was turned into a peaceful part of our world for those in their last season.

How the town preserves (and improves) the parks they all hold dear to their heritage.

The entrance of the campground that is located along the Winnebago River.

 There are many trees and abundant wildlife here especially waterfowl .

Image of my full hook up campsite, includes water , sewer, and electric for $25 per day

Across the Winnebago river is an old town park they call east park..

The first thing you will notice when entering the park is the Steam Locomotive display

This year is the 100th year of the locomotive ...She was built in 1912

She has a very good web site:
Friends of the

As the site scrolls through the pictures of the past, there is the oldest one showing the 457 setting in a dirt field.
Those were the days ...where us kids,  would crawl all over the train like wild monkeys, things have certainly changed since then.

Workers are working on the old gal to get her ready for the upcoming celebration.

100th Anniversary

I have not observed a sign like this one lately
At least they are not anti-party 

I like it :)

Another landmark for me that has a soft spot in my hart is the east park band shell.

 "And you'll feel something akin to the electric thrill
I once enjoyed when Gilmore, Pat Conway,
The Great Creatore, W.C. Handy and John Philip Sousa all came to town on the very same historic day!"

 -Harold Hill, Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man"


In the summer of 1920, the city of Mason City Iowa formed the Mason City Municipal Band.

To celebrate the occasion, they spared no expenses and hired some of the great legends in the music world to participate in the 10-week season.

Flute/Piccolo: Meredith Wilson, 
Principal Flute with the New York Philharmonic. Formerly Sousa's Piccolo player.
Grew up in Mason City Iowa, on which is "River City" is based in the Music Man.
  • Solo Cornet: Frank Simon, Cornet Soloist with Sousa's Band. Later, director of the famous Armco Band.
  • Conductor: James M. Fulton, of Boston MA, composer of many marches.

Every year to computerate the heritage of music in Mason City a festival is held below is this years information... When I was in school I had to march in this thing  :)

North Iowa Band Festival

Date:Sunday, May 27, 2012 time:12:00 pm

address:25 West State Street  Mason City, IA 50401
 View map from:North Iowa Band Festival
12:00 p.m. Carnival Open - East Park
8:00 p.m. Entertainment - Band Shell

The reason for this trip:

R.I.P. Dad


  1. "To everything, there is a season..."

    I can't help but believe your Dad leaves behind a wonderful legacy in the human being that you are, Kirk. I am so sorry for your loss.

    I loved the theatre production of Music man, never saw the movie. It's on my list now.

  2. Thank you Cyndi

    The area is very proud of the Music Man movie, they have a whole museum with memorabilia from the movie only a block away from the library

  3. So sorry you lost your dad Kirk. C & I send our best thoughts.