Friday, May 25, 2012

New addition to the blog

 We all know by now that the gov't controlled (or main stream media) is nothing but propaganda  for controlling the American People.

Thank goodness for the internet (so far) to bring us alternative information and information that we can actually use.

I have added in the top left corner of the blog a link to a new blog I started that lists news that I think may be of interest to others.  ..  if not your interest then do not read ;) 

Since, there is so much information out there it is sometimes hard to find stuff.
When I find information I find useful I will post them there, that way I am not using up blog space on this blog for news type information...

The new blog is called "News that I care about"   kinda original  don't ya think?  Just the name not posting news on a blog ;)

Everyone have a enjoyable holiday weekend

(think about us we will be working)

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