Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time for some BBQ

Taking advantage of some great weather, it is time for some BBQ, summer will get here soon, but today no bugs, no need for citronella..

 Contrary to BBQ purists I like instant gratification when it comes to starting a fire

the key is to not start cooking too soon

Here is my little secret for seasoning

Use Emeril and Costco non salt seasoning at the beginning.

Later the olive oil as a finish

A  little hickory smoke happening

We get our  rib-eyes from a small grocery store in Wauneta Ne, (where we pheasant hunt) named Walgreen's they have their own butcher shop , locally produced .... Yum Yum

 Now some BBQ cookers use digital timers but, I use the whiskey timer, two of these and they are ready

 Eat your heart out Brad :) Ha Ha .....  love ya man


  1. LOL...love the timer! Seems we've seen a mug like that one around somewhere.

  2. Yea, It's from the exclusive Tiki Bar collection ;)