Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Sea Nymph is finally home

Some say this looks like a redneck kind of set up

Yesterday (Monday) it was somewhat a slow day, I made a call to the temporary home of the newly acquired Sea Nymph, to see if  friend Jeff needed any liquid refreshments re- supplied :)

He placed his order and now I have more than one reason to go back to the great hunting grounds again..

So I left with the small black trailer and headed to Wauneta,....... made not too bad of time,  only took 3 1/2 hrs, funny how fast one can go without towing the condo behind the suburban.

I loaded the boat onto the trailer, so I would not need to worry about  the condition of the boat and trailer, Just haul it home and worry about improvements later..

As usual Jeff had alot to talk about, it lasted till about 11pm,

We decided to call it a night and retired for the night,  Well 6 hours (5am) I am wide awake, decided to load the motor and complete the strapping down of the boat, trailer and motor.

By 6:30 am I am traveling back to Denver, making good time again (this thing weighs almost nothing.
I arrive a 10am in time to "go to work"

I have big plans for the sea Nymph........  I will keep you posted on its progress....

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