Thursday, April 19, 2012

What happens when you blow a tire

Monday Morning: the trip to return home.

The trip started out normal, cruise across Neb, into Colorado, stop in Sterling to empty holding tanks.

Left Sterling traveling southwest on I-76, about 25 miles down the road, all of the sudden a micro-burst hits the rig and almost went sideways. whew that was close...

I stopped at the next exit and walked around the trailer to check things out. Everything seems to be good.

I exit the hwy 52 exit and start west on a  the 2 lane road, slow down for a turning truck and hear a loud pop noise, I assumed it was the truck backfiring.

Well, it was not.
Dee noticed the tire while I was at the store.

Oh, well just replace the tire, I figured, easy enough..


When you go inside of the trailer this is what I found.

The wheel well is made of light plastic and split in two sending rubber parts of the tire into the cabin,

breaking the shelf, the front panel of the seat, tire rubber everywhere.

Another project is needed,

I think a little Armour plating around the wheel well is going to be done ...

I travel with the trailer quite a bit during the course of a year.
 This is the 3rd set of tires since purchasing the trailer. The current set of tires were purchased July of last year.


  1. YIKES! I'm glad you missed the tornadoes, but who needs flat tires, EVER! I really wanted to see turkeys in this post!

    I'll be looking at my wheel wells in the near future! Hope the tires are still under warrentee. Appreciate the heads up!

  2. It is pretty hard to take pictures of turkeys when you are hunting them. If they see you move it is over. They have excellent eyesight, and are not as stupid as some people think when they feel threatened.
    When watching them from a distance they seem slow, but getting close is difficult, they can fly at 55 mph, and are pretty speedy running

  3. Holy cow, that's a mess. We ran into a guy at a campground who had the same thing happen except the tire fragments also shredded his fresh water plumbing lines. Guess he could be happy it wasn't waste water lines though.

  4. I was REALLY hoping for pictures of turkeys headed for the freezer! You know, not the ones that got away!