Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Watching Turkeys & Wild Weather

Getting up at 4:15am is just wrong, (if you ask me getting early in the morning is OVER rated) but, if you are trying to get a turkey that is what has to be done.

Saturday Morning:
Watching the sunrise, waiting for the turkeys to leave their roost.

They make alot of racket so there is no doubt  where they are when they are in the trees.

When they leave the trees that is another matter, this year they decided to fly away from where I was and hang out out of shotgun range all morning, no matter how hard I tried to lure them to me with female calls & decoys.
The weather that evening:  tornado warnings, and large marble sized hail.

The Clouds are a indication of what is about to come weather wise.
When the alarm went off at 4:15 
Sunday morning, we were also awakened by lightning, thunder, rain, 50mph winds... Not good hunting conditions..  shotguns can act like lightning rods..Our solution... go back to sleep :)
 After getting sleep, Gary my hunting partner, left to get some coffee,  returned and informed me of a small blat he had heard was for sale. It is never a good thing to have too much time on your hands.

After a few phone calls we went and looked at the boat for sale..

Well................ there it is ...................................... a 1969 SeaNymph ..........ain't she beautiful?

She measures 13 ft long,  aluminum construction, originally from Minnesoooooota.

Comes with the trailer, and motor.

Evenrude 6 hp 2 cycle motor.

Since it was crummy weather Jeff (our friend) told  to bring it into the shop
and check it out, after a trip to the gas station for 3/4 gallon of gas.

Put the prop in a bucket of water, cranked it over about 3 times and she was purring like a water kitten.

Can't wait to get her on the water in Colorado fishing for trout :) on the high mountain lakes

So, now the plan is to return to Jeff's place soon and pickup the boat with our utility trailer,  bring her home.
Get her ready for the road
I could not bring her home now, because I needed to take the travel trailer home .. Which turned out to be another adventure.. Stay tuned.........

In Nebraska when they want to close a road they use big stuff

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