Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Turkey Time

On the road to Sidney Neb. doing a semi annual pilgrimage to Cabela's to check out new stuff for hunting and BBQ'ing,
the rainbow is pretty faint, but, do not let the pretty, fool you it was rainy, and places east on I-80 were getting some pretty serious hail storms.

As always you can click on the picture for a larger view :)

Arrived on Thursday about 3:30 pm, took this picture to show how empty the parking lot was in the middle of the afternoon 2 days before the opening day of spring turkey hunting in Neb. (3 vehicles) Boy have things changed, I can remember this lot being full EVERY time I stopped in the past.

Very windy day on Friday,

For those that have never been to Cabela's in Sidney Ne.

This is a photo of the mountain scene in the center back of the store

A close up of the Rocky Mountain Goats on the Mountain..

After a little shopping, next stop was to Wauneta Ne for spring turkey..

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