Monday, April 2, 2012

Part 3. Power distribution

Now, that we have a way to charge a deep cycle battery using solar power, we need to convert the power stored into useful forms we can use.

The most common power we use is 110 volt household current.
A power inverter is a device that will take 12 volt battery power and convert it to 110 volts. AC

I have installed a modified sine wave 1000 watt inverter.
Mounting the inverter to the plastic interior panel was accomplish with velcro, making it easy to remove and un-plug, so it can be used in other locations, or systems if needed.

The inverter has an on/off switch, 3 - 110volt plugs and is internally protected with fuses (ask me how I know? :)

You may notice that I have a chord plugged into the bottom outlet, it is nice to have 110volt power at the front of the cab, for running accessories at the console.

Under the radio, on the lower part of the console, there is a compartment that is there to house cd's, I do not play cd's. ................ Satellite Radio baby !!

 So, I removed the door of the compartment and installed 2 - 110volt outlets and added another panel voltmeter to know what the battery voltage is.
The plug at the bottom of the inverter runs from the inverter to the cd compartment and wired to the panel, the small screw is to keep the door closed, the small red light is wired so that I am reminded when the inverter  power  is on.

In addition to 110 volt we still have 12 volt accessories. I decided to make use of the ash tray,(who uses them anymore?)

At the rear of the truck above the inverter I also added a 12 volt round plug and a small 12 volt Anderson connector .

That's it pretty much, Solar Charged aux.power system in a Suburban..

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