Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A little camper maintenance

Since replacing the electric jack last year, I had do an emergency install of the new jack, and not having circuit protection for the wiring.
So, awhile back I ordered a circuit breaker for the jack, I finally got around to installing the new circuit breaker . It is nice to use circuit breakers instead of fuses, (never seem to have the fuse handy when you need one)

Some of you know how much I like to BBQ.

Last winter the LP hook up for the gas grille wore out :) I tried to find a now one at a LP supply store, and Camping World ( waste of time)

Ended up ordering a new quick disconnect online, and using a nice brass ball valve I use regularly with the stuff we sell, repaired the connection as shown.

Should be good to go for a long time (hope, hope)

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