Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Sea Nymph sea & fishing trials

After finally getting to the campground at Stagecoach near Steamboat Springs Colorado.

I dropped off the camper, proceeded to the lake for the state zebra mussel inspection, every thing was good.

After launching onto the lake there was almost no wind and smooth water, it felt pretty good to get the little Nymph on the water.

Cranked up the 6 hp Evenrude motor and she came to life, taking us over to the nearist cove to try out the 45 lb thrust electric trolling motor.
Got to the cove and shut down the gas motor and tried out the electric motor.

Here is a little video of the ride

After doing this little video I did catch a nice 30 inch rainbo trout, what a great start

Fished till dusk, headed to shore, returned to the camper, for some food and Rest

Early Morning Saturday
Caught a couple more fish

Saturday afternoon the winds picked up pretty hard, we decided to try out Yampcolo Reservoir about 30 miles away and see if we could launch the little boat, it was also somewhat windy there, but we were able to get the little  boat on water, the state is drawing down the water quite a bit for the farmers, we estimate it is down about 60ft from being full.
Even with the low water level the fish sonar showed a depth of 60 ft left in the deep part.
We did catch a couple more rainbo trout..

Back at Stagecoach on Sunday morning went fishing, caught Northern Pike, returned to the camp about 10am.

During the afternoon during the thunderstorm portion of the mountain day, the spare tire was inflated to correct pressure,

Using the solar system installed on the suburban. We are dry camping (no services)
 For the day of fishing on Sunday 5 Northern were caught, processed and into the freezer.

Also, we used 2 solar panels to recharge the trolling motor batteries for the next day of fishing.
For the 3 days of fishing only 1.5 gallons of gas was used..
 The gps showed we traveled 50 miles on the water.
Pretty cool in my book, 

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