Monday, June 4, 2012

Sea Nymph restoration has begun

The poor little boat has been neglected for quite some time

We are restoring the 33 year old (oops 43 year old)  gal to operational status again

This last weekend, work was started on the trailer so here is an update.

 We made a trip to the local China-mart and purchased new LED lighting for the tail lights & running lights, the old ones were broken and I am pretty sure.... non -operational

With the tail and turn signal lighting kit, new wires were included, so I used the old wiring to pull the new wiring through the trailer frame tubing. Worked like a charm  ..

This is a piece of the old wiring that was in the frame. It is amazying to me that both of the wires are completely bare, but no sign of burning caused by a short circuit .. maybe they never used the lights....

The rollers are made of rubber and are cracked and out of round, I suppose if I was a 33 year old rubber I would be out of round also   :)

We have ordered (online) replacement rollers, and wheel and tires, according to the FedEx tracking numbers I received today they should arrive on Thursday.

After spending the better part of the day, installing lights, soldering all electrical connections, sealing them with shrink tubing, the electrical lighting should be good for quite a while..

So ......  here sets .. poor Sea Nymph on the concrete slab waiting for her turn for upgrades to the 21st century, which should begin this weekend.... I can tell she can't wait .. Neither can I ..       :)

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