Monday, June 18, 2012

The progress on the renewable energy Sea Nymph

I have not mentioned that I am attempting to use the Sea Nymph as a renewable energy - fishing vessel that I can use in the high mountain lakes here in Colorado, where gasoline powered motor are not allowed.

The plan ...  is to use an electric trolling motor to get us around the lakes, using  deep cycle batteries.

One battery will be used for fishing, while the other battery will be recharged throughout the day using the solar panels attached to the suburban while out fishing. Stay tuned I will let you know how it goes :)

Ordered online, group 31 rugged battery boxes to house the battery and wiring and attach a handle to make it easier to switch the batteries

Purchased 2 marine deep cycle 12 volt batteries from Sam's Club

The heavy welding #4 wire is for the trolling motor, the smaller 12 gauge wire is for the the rest of the electrical system in the boat.

This photo shows the battery box and battery wired up, also the mounting of the wiring connectors on the lid.
Both batteries will be wired the same.

This Photo shows the battery box assembled and ready to go.
The cable connections are matched for both charging and running the trolling motor.

The Jay feather trailer does not have a traditional back bumper, it is necessary to add a rear cross-member at the rear of the frame to mount a trailer hitch so we can tow the Sea Nymph behind the camper.
I used  1 1/2 inch tubing for the cross-member, welded a  1/2 inch plate at the center, drilled & tapped the plate so  the receiver can be installed onto the bottom.
It went much easier than I thought it would so far.

Hopefully the trailer hitch will be done about the same time all of the BS is done with registering the boat and trailer...

So, next will be the rest of the electrical system for GPS, sonar (fish finder). I have finished painting the parts, they are drying, will show that stuff next...

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