Saturday, June 9, 2012

More Sea Nymph Progress

As promised on thursday the new tire-wheels arrived along with replacement rollers

Before installing the tires,  inspected the wheel bearings, found them to be in poor shape, so it required a trip to the bearing store.
The folks had all but 2 bearings, those were ordered and were picked up on Friday

After hand packing the new bearings, the hubs were reassembled, tires installed

A photo of the axle spindle

Axle and wheel assembly installed

We replaced the 8 inch diameter tires with 12 inch tires, the picture show the dramatic difference in size, I have a phobia about a 8 inch tire spinning super fast, bearings getting hot with small tires.

Also replaced the rollers with strong plastic rollers

 Kept the original wench,
 added a new rope .
 Upon finishing the trailer,  rolled it out, winched the Sea Nymph onto the trailer, 
she doesn't look so lonely anymore :)

Now it is time to get her ready for the water ....

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