Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maden Voyage of the Sea Nymph .. towing a triple

Well ......  the day finally came, the maiden trip ... fishing with the Sea Nymph (aka now too be known as the fish magnet)

Last Thursday, the work was completed to prepare for the weekend trip to the mountains for the Sea Nymph sea trials  

The crossmember was installed at the rear of the frame of the Jay Feather trailer.

After wiring the lights, installing the bumper, ( repairing the bumper with fiberglass)

The towing package was complete ready to go, towing a triple

After making it past the Eisenhower tunnel on I-70, making our way to Kremmling Co. time for a pit stop for fuel.
 getting ready to traverse over Gore Pass

With this photo you can get a perspective of how long it is towing a 30 ft trailer and a 16 ft boat, with a full size suburban.

Well, on the down side of Gore Pass a loud bang was  heard, ... I know form past experience it is not good.

I found a place to pull over and found another blown (less than 1 year old ) tire. It takes a pretty large spot to pull over a triple :)

This time it was caught soon enough to not cause major damage to the trailer.. UUUgghh..

After much effort by the other guys in our group, the spare tire was finally removed from it's perch for the last 7 years and was installed..

After getting back on the road the rest of the trip to the campground was thankfully uneventful breakdown wise..

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