Friday, September 4, 2009

Back from dove hunting

interesting series of events for this opening day of dove season.
1st. traveled on Sunday taking a alternate route to see what it is like, take about 2 hours more to get to Cabala's in Sidney Ne. ( but what the hey, I am not in a hurry )

Headed out to southwest Ne. for the final destination to shoot doves, got word in route that I needed to return to home base and fill 2 large orders ( for our company).

So, went ahead and delivered the camper to the hunting spot and dropped the trailer, returned to home base to go back to work, worked till 10 pm. then got some sleep.

Arose the next morning, Tues. actual opening day of dove shooting, finished up work and left for the dove shooting area at about 2pm.

During the return trip to the camper, received word from brother of the farmer, where the camper is parked, that the land is rented to another party and they do not want us there, even after acquiring permission from the land owner.

Sooooo, we returned to Waunetta, dropped by the place another farmer friend, informed him of our situation, he offered a place for shooting doves after playing a couple games of "pitch" ( I know nothing about the game of pitch and still won the first game) beginners luck !

Another friend, Jeff offered to have us park the camper at his place ( same fella that has us stay during pheasant season).

So, on the second day of dove season, we journey out to the hunting spot.

Not alot of doves, but, got some shooting in, I had taken Cody with me on the trip, I got him from the truck and introduced him to the scent of dove, and had him try and locate a downed dead bird in grass cover, after about 5 minutes, he found the bird, not bad for a 8 month old. Hunted 'till 10 am. and called it a day.

Wed. the third day of dove shooting, we returned to the hunting spot and used our dove decoys (forgot them in the trailer the previous day). had many more doves to shoot at and bagged about 10 birds, had Cody find 2 more downed birds and left him out while firing the shotguns, he enjoys the sound of the guns. ( a very good development ) .

Friday came and we packed up and traveled back home to re-supply, rest and prepare for next week to attend the WADI, a gathering of the International Order of the Rock Mountain Goats.

Leaving Tues and hope to stay in the rocky mountains for 6 days..

untill then ??

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