Monday, September 28, 2009

Smokin' on the Beaver

Good friend Jeff, in Waunetta, Ne extended an invitation to attend a BBQ competition in Atwood KS. last Friday, & Saturday.

Grilling, smoking... of course I will go !

Sign that greets everyone
(Click On Pics to enlarge)

There were venders with pellet feeding smokers and digital timers, and thermometers

 Checking out the friendly competition

Smokers of all shapes and sizes (I like this one because of the pheasants)

Photo of one to look like a full size helicopter
(this fella is the one who started this event 7 years ago)
and also was giving out samples of BBQ alligator tail .. Good..

 This is his sign

some signs of participants

BBQ Boys

John Deere or Harley ?

Old scooter, not a Cushman

Our neighbors had a big dog he had to weigh about 100 pounds

Billy & Jeff the ones who invited us (Thank You)

Ed and Becky Cutting the brisket that we cooked for 20 hours on low heat, even using the stove in the camper to cook while we slept.

Not bad

Photo of Becky after turning in the meat and beans to be judged, time to relax,  listen to the live bands, or watch Colorado Rockies Baseball, and visit with other folks.

I took Cody with me to keep an eye on him after the de-con episode, he did very good and I had a super good time.

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