Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dove Hunting is upon us FINALLY

Cody and I are at Cabela's parking lot, heading to our favorite abandoned farm stead for some training and Dove shooting..

This pic is of a unit from Texas in Cabelas parking lot, I think it may be overloaded ? He must like fishing !

Some spring and summer pictures

Picture of our storefront along Interstate 25 north of Denver.

Picture of Libby and Cody in early spring, he is still pretty little

After the store move we had a big surprise 2 grand daughters appeared after 4 years missing (long story)

Sierra playing fetch with Cody

she is 4 years old now

Sienna, now 1 year old

Also went fishing in the mountains this summer, with friends Rusty and Marion

Our Camp on forest service land, around the Yampa Valley, this spot is above the Yampcolo lake.

Going shopping for some hunting supplies tomorrow, and will go and see our friends in Waunetta Ne. area..

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