Friday, October 4, 2013

Proof ..We the People .. no longer exists ..

Full time RV'ers, HouseBoat Dwellers ..

 Kicked Out of Homes Because of Government Shutdown

So, I guess we really do have a Banana Republic with a Self Proclaimed Dictator.

You  will not see anything like this on any of the RV friendly forms of web sites, or any gov. controlled media, as they are woefully politically correct (esp. Just try to post anything about the shutdown ..

From Offgrid

For the last couple of days we’ve been covering the closure of the National Parks. One thing that’s been largely ignored by most media outlets, is the huge number of people who are now without a home thanks to the government shutdown.

The National Park Service(NPS) has issued a warning to all people residing in the parks — in campgrounds, in rvs in the backcountry, or on houseboats in the marinas — that they will be required to leave the parks by 3 p.m. Thursday and find other accommodations.

Yesterday, I talked to a number of these people as they were being forced out of the National Parks that they call home. From people who live full-time in Houseboats, to Fulltime Rvers who call the backcountry their home, NPS has now started to target those who live in the parks.

Yesterday people were scrambling to figure out what they were going to do as park officials told them they were no longer welcome; many of them pay monthly fees to moor their boats on the lake, and for most of them this is their only home. I talked to a number of people who’ve lived out on Lake Mead for over 20 years who now have no place to go and no way to move their massive houseboats.
To add insult to injury, NPS officials at Lake Mead National Park actually took the time to pull out every single boat dock on the lake. Now people who wanted to retrieve their boats, are unable to do so.

 Link to their site

Some more background information from a fella that is directly involved also

First Explanation in Writing As To Why USFS Is Closing Privately-Funded Parks

From our shutdown order:

Congress has not provided appropriations for fiscal year 2014.  Pursuant to applicable legal requirements in the Antideficiency Act and Attorney General opinions addressing agency operations in the absence of appropriations, the Forest Service is unable to administer federally-owned recreation facilities.  Consequently these facilities will be shut down and posted accordingly with signs provided, with gates locked where they exist, restrooms locked, and water systems shut down.   Visitors in occupied sites would be given 48 hours to vacate, with the area shut down as the last visitor leaves, not to exceed 48 hours.
In other words, we pay all the bills, run the parks in an independent manner, have no USFS people stationed in the parks, but we have to shut down because the Forest Service can no longer "administer" the facilities. 
 Huh?  What day-to-day administration is necessary.  Remember that the USFS itself did not think their presence was necessary, originally confirming on Tuesday that we would stay open as we had in all past shutdowns.

We often go weeks and months in these facilities without ever seeing a USFS manager.  The USFS considers it so important to have staff available to "administer" these facilities that none of their recreation personnel work on weekends or on holidays, by far and away the busiest and most difficult times in these facilities.
PS-  I see the part about the Attorney General.  Did Eric Holder decide to close us?  
Doesn't he know that poor and minorities disproportionately use public vs. private recreation?  Isn't that a disparate impact issue in closing us?

So the saying: All's fair in love, war and politics
(Or something like that)

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