Thursday, October 17, 2013

Go anywhere .. Full Timing Rig .... Military Style

There is a new Cabella's store on the north end of the Denver Metro area on I-25.
I was there this last week and noticed this rig and stopped to check it out.

It is quite heavily modified, besides the obvious military truck ( which looks pretty much stock )

 The fifth wheel is quite the unit, I noticed the wood burning stove stack at the back, the fifth wheel hitch area has been closed in, the trailer was changed to a bumper pull style, HD sat dish at the front of the trailer, a Honda 3000 watt  generator is mounted on passenger side of the trailer, solar powered outdoor lights,

I am sure there are many more modifications that are not seen, the military trailer has a paper plate, not sure how he tows it...

I would dare say this thing can go just about anywhere..

This reminded me of a rig I saw in Quartzsite a couple of years back

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